The Best 5 GPS Tracker You Need for Your Business

Wednesday March 9, 2022


GPS tracking devices for vehicles are one of the most favorite technology evolutions of the current generation. It has made life easier by helping people track their vehicles, finding easy routes to their destination, and more. However, with so many GPS trackers in the market, you might get confused about which one to pick. In that case, we can help! Vehicle Tracking ROI vs COI A Complete Guide-0 Today’s guide will focus on the top-rated GPS trackers you can rely on. These trackers have been used by people all over the globe, and the reviews are quite positive. We, too, have used these GPS tracking devices for vehicles before recommending them to you, and we loved them! Are you too excited to find out more about the top GPS trackers? Continue reading below!

Top GPS Trackers that Users Love

1. Vyncs GPS Tracker


  • Has roadside assistance feature
  • Comes with engine alerts
  • Affordable fee per annum
  • Helps in tracking mileage
  • Comes with a driver scoring system


  • Location updates take time
  • Comes with an activation fee

Vyncs is our top choice for the best GPS tracking devices for vehicles because it comes with many uses. You can use it to track location, check fuel levels, battery life, maintenance needs, get updates on notices and unsafe driving practices. It also has a reasonable yearly fee, making it the cheapest among all the trackers. The working mechanism of Vyncs is great because it gives the user TPI (Tip Performance Index) score that allows them to save a lot on vehicle insurance. Unfortunately, here, you cannot choose a monthly package. However, the yearly plans are quite affordable and won’t be a burden at all.

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Moreover, a yearly plan gives you better features at a lower price if you use the tracker on a daily basis. Another feature that we loved about this GPS tracker is its ability to connect with Amazon Alexa. Using this feature, you can easily use the app to track mileage and check the fuel. This vehicle tracking software comes with three plans- basic, premium, and pro. The pro plan comes with a fleet management service as well. Hence, if you have a big business and want to manage all the employees while working outside the office area, you can upgrade to a pro membership. The activation fee is 40 dollars, which might not sound agreeable to many, but it’s worth it. Then comes the OBD plug-in with a basic yearly plan, which costs no more than 79 dollars. In this case, you are just paying around 6.58 dollars a month.

The pricing cannot get better than this! Even though we are not a fan of the three-minute refresh feature, it’s manageable. You can further increase the refresh time to 15 seconds for an additional charge. The interface is also a bit difficult to manage initially, but you will soon get used to it. Moreover, this is a great GPS tracking system, and we totally recommend it to you!

2. MOTOsafety GPS Tracker


  • Informs the user about any curfews on the road
  • Helps with geofencing
  • Comes with a Google Maps route replay feature
  • Has a teen driving course


  • Much sensitive to acceleration
  • The speed limits are not 100% accurate

Teen drivers looking for the best GPS tracking devices for vehicles should use this software. It comes with a great teen driving course, Google maps route replay, geofencing, location alerts, and so on. The software also has an easy interface and is quite reasonable. When attending college or going out with friends, you will never get stuck in a curfew because the tracker will inform you beforehand. Even though it’s not as inexpensive as Vyncs, the monthly fee is around 19.99 dollars, which is not much.

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There is a lot of educational content on the software to help your teen prepare for their first drive. Are you worried about whether they will pass the written driving exam? Well, the software helps with that too! It contains a lot of practice quizzes that the teens can play in their pastimes and learn more about driving. They also have a daily driving report card. You might find it difficult to read the metrics at first, but with time, it gets easier.

3. Bouncie Pros:

  • Comes with a geofencing feature
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • Real-time alerts while operating cars
  • Helps with mileage tracking
  • Gives vehicle maintenance alerts


  • The light flashes often
  • Alexa commands are not smooth

This GPS tracking devices for vehicles  allows you to check the speed, acceleration, hard braking, vehicle maintenance, gas levels, routine vehicle tasks, and so on. In addition, the Amazon Echo sends daily updates about the vehicles’ gas levels and helps you keep track of the registration date. If you are looking for software to track mileage for business purposes, this one can help as it does that well and stores all important data. It is very inexpensive as the monthly fee is not more than 8 dollars only. It becomes even more affordable if you use it for three vehicles. In that case, you get 20 dollars off the total price!

4. SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker


  • Small pockets and bags with an easy interface
  • Users can cancel the plan within 30 days
  • Tracks a lot more than just vehicles


  • Needs to be charged after use
  • Does not support with vehicle OBD port
  • Needs additional fee to track quickly

If you want a fleet vehicle tracking device that can easily keep inside a pocket, this is the one. It has a small size and hence, fits anywhere easily. One downside is that it runs on a battery. Therefore, you need to charge it after around one week to 10 days. One thing that we love about SepyTec is that it offers an easy cancellation. The software does not charge any cancellation fee as well. Moreover, the software is quite affordable. You need to pay just 25 dollars to use it for one month.

5. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker


  • Updates location after every 5 seconds if you upgrade the plan
  • It can easily fit in pockets or bags


  • The fluid tracking experience is inadequate

This GPS fleet tracking software comes in both app and website versions. If you are tired of the fluid turn-by-turn interface used by most GPS trackers these days, then Optimus 2.0 can be your savior. It uses the perfect connect-the-dots interface. This interface is much easier and looks cool as well. With the basic plan, you can update the location after every 60 seconds. But if you want quicker updates, you can upgrade the app too. The premium plan offers 5 seconds update to the users.


What is a Vehicle Tracking System? How does it Work?

vehicle location tracking system is a device or software using which you can track the location of your vehicles. It ensures that the driver uses and manages your car or truck properly. It also helps in recovering the vehicle in case of theft. The GPS tracker is connected to the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network, using which it tracks the exact location. Besides location, it also provides direction, speed, time, etc.

How Can I Disable a GPS Tracking Device on Car?

It’s not possible to disable the GPS tracker if it is provided by the company that hired you. However, if you are the owner of the vehicle, you can do it by simply removing the device’s battery. Make sure you keep the battery and the tracker in a safe place so that you can use them on some other vehicle later.

Which are the Best GPS Tracking Devices for Tracking Trucks?

All the GPS trackers mentioned in today’s guide are efficient enough to work in a truck as well. We have tested them in different types of vehicles, and the result was quite positive. While recommending the names of the GPS trackers, we have especially emphasized their use in trucks because that’s the most common vehicle used by the companies. Hence, you can go through the list and pick whichever you like the most!

How Can You Track the Personal Car with a GPS?

Tracking a personal car with a GPS is similar to tracking a truck. Install the device in your car first and then download the software, using which you can track the car. The device will come with a user manual. There, you will find all the instructions about enabling the GPS tracker and using it on vehicles of your choice.

Which Device is the Best for School Bus Tracking?

The devices mentioned in the guide are capable of fleet location tracking. Hence, you can use them for school bus tracking as well. Therefore, the list stays the same here too!

Final Words

We hope that this guide helped you learn about some of the best and most affordable GPS trackers in the market. Now you need to pick the one that suits your needs the most. You can first try the ones with monthly plans and then go for the yearly ones like Vyncs. This will help you understand what you exactly need from location tracking software without wasting money. So which GPS tracker are you planning to use? Do share with us!  

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