10 Dominant Features of Vehicle Tracking System

Thursday August 3, 2017


Of course, it is strenuous to manage fleet operations manually. Earlier, business owners hesitated to install a vehicle tracking system as they assumed it as a ridiculous deed.

Now, everything has changed, especially, when they realize it as the perfect solution for fleet management. It enhances safety and security of their fleets, reduces fleet operation costs,  save money on fuel and maintenance.

Nevertheless, change is a necessity and hence, the vehicle tracking technology also transformed drastically. And this transformation is evident in the latest features of a vehicle tracking system. Lets’ have a glimpse over the dominant features of the system………..

1. Real-time vehicle tracking

One of the most important features associated with a vehicle tracking system is its capability for real-time monitoring. A vehicle’s location is tracked and displayed on the map whenever it moves from one point to another.

With the modern trackers, you will be able to determine the vehicle status- moving, parked, or in the idled condition. Several vehicles in the fleet can be managed together easily by the implementation of a tracking system.

2. Obtain trip history 

All the trips covered are shown graphically on the map. Details such as stoppages, kilometers covered, idling, average speed, and engine time are shown. Over speeding vehicles and excessive idling vehicles will be highlighted on the map. In addition to this, there are systems that include the option to replay the complete trip.

3. Alerts

Through the vehicle tracking system, you will receive real-time alerts such as over speed alerts, excessive stoppage alerts, and route deviation alerts. Other alerts that can be configured in your system include theft alert, idling, maintenance alert, fuel theft alert, etc.

4. Access anytime from anywhere 

A vehicle tracking system can be accessed on the web as well as smartphones. Also, the user-friendly apps assist you to track the fleets anytime from anywhere.

5. Geo-fencing feature

Geo-fencing is the advanced alert customization feature, which create boundaries around a particular landmark.  With the tracking system, your vehicle fleet movement can be restricted within a specified area. Furthermore, it enhances the operational efficiency, safety and security, and route optimization.

6. Reports

With the vehicle tracking system, you will be able to attain real-time reports regarding the idling time, vehicle stoppage, vehicle utilization, and total distance traveled.

7. User-friendly interface

Both mobile and web applications of the tracking system are designed in a simple and navigation friendly manner. Hence, the users are able to obtain appropriate information from the system, enabling them to constitute suitable decision for the business.

8. User management

It is difficult to manage a wide variety of users, especially, when you own a large vehicle fleet business.  Presumably, with the modern tracking system, you should be able to add and modify user profiles and thereby, manage their roles and privileges.

Meanwhile, you may have to manage users such as super admin, transport manager, customer, driver, accountant, support staff, surveyor, and route planner. However, you are responsible to assign roles and responsibilities to those users. And at the same time, you can classify the users and manage fleets efficiently.

9. Analytic

With the modern GPS tracking devices, you will be able to integrate it with cloud computing, and consequently, you will be able to avail fleet data that assist you to ensure enhanced fleet performance.

10. Easy installation

While choosing the vehicle tracking system, one of the major considerations is the ease of installation and maintenance. Also, its compatibility with different vehicles should also be considered.

As a matter of fact, the above features enables you to manage vehicle fleets effortlessly. Moreover, the installation of a vehicle tracking system is not as expensive as it was in the past.

If you aim to maximize the profitability of your fleet business, a vehicle tracking system can aid you immensely. This is indeed the major reason why a vehicle tracking system is implemented in reputed companies.

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