How to Choose the Best Vehicle Tracking Company for Your Business

Tuesday February 14, 2017


You have decided on installing a vehicle tracking system for you business. Good move! However, you might be in a dilemma – how to choose the right vehicle tracking company for your rental cab business or cargo transportation business?

Don’t worry. We have compiled a list of factors which you must consider while choosing the ideal system for your business. Here it follows:

1. Technology that suits you

There are mainly two types of technology used by tracking system manufacturers – GPS and GLONASS. GPS is the most commonly used since it provides better and accurate positioning of the vehicle. It calculates positions based on 24 operational satellites, which were originally developed by US for military operations.

Later, GPS was extended to civilian use and slowly, GPS based tracking systems came into existence. GLONASS, the Russian based GPS alternative is now comprised of 24 satellites giving it equal chance in the market. GLONASS based tracking software are more accurate at higher latitudes far north or south due to the positioning of its satellites.

The Quazi Zenith satellite system is prominent in Japan and Galileo was developed by the EU for navigational purposes. But these are not commercially popular.

For most startups, a simple GPS based module with voice services will be enough. But if you plan to grow your business and expand into other countries, it will be better to go for modules with both GPS and GLONASS for better services.

2. Required features

A basic GPS vehicle tracking system maps your position based on the data from 3 or more satellites at any given time. Some models have a speedometer, altimeter and compass.

Most of the models come with a built-in clock which is useful only for the initial start. Then on wards, the time is calculated based on satellite inputs. Even though basic units are adequate for simple driving applications, you may find the extra features really handy once you start to use them.

For example, with a built-in compass, you need not worry about getting stranded in the middle of the desert where signal strength might be weaker. And GPS fails to accurately show the position when the antennae is covered with rain drops.

In such situations, the compass feature can be useful. Similarly, you can plan the trip with distance calculator features; know whether you are driving within the speed limits prescribed etc.

If your smart tracking system has a computer or mobile interface, can be useful to connect it to the devices, especially if you often forget where you parked your vehicle since you can locate the vehicle with ease.

Voice services can be an added advantage since drivers would not get distracted. It also avoids the need for drivers to check the screen often for directions.

3. Ease of installation

Choose a system which is easy to install. Ideally, you should be able to install without the help of a technician. Even if help is required, ensure its a one-time affair. This can help you when switching vehicles for the purpose of maintenance or sale also.

4. Convenient to use

Of course, the device interface must be driver friendly with simple and easy to interpret data or with visual and voice cues. Some devices require up to two minutes for calculating the GPS position of the vehicle at the start of the day.

Certain models of GPS tracking systems require a clear sky view in order to accurately function. Choose the one which can be mounted in your vehicle at the proper place. Also choose the right size so that it fits in well.

Those with the option of voice directions in regional/national/international languages and can switch from one to another are advantageous since you need not depend on the language fluency of the driver. It is also beneficial for the employees.

5. Installation and maintenance cost

Those with longer battery life avoid the need for frequent replacements. Consider the cost of maintenance for a longer duration.

6. Send SOS messages instantaneously

Avoid ones which provide false alarms often as it might lead to legal hazards. Finally, it will be apt and wise to consider your employee skills, experience and opinion before finalising on the right device.

So, availing the services of a vehicle tracking company can benefit you and your business in the long term. Choose that company that offers you affordable, customized vehicle tracking solution based on your requirements.