How can Vehicle Tracking Systems give Information Regarding Where Your Vehicles are

Wednesday October 12, 2016


If you are working in a transportation industry, you need to answer a lot of customer enquiries at a time. Customers always need accurate details regarding a product’s estimated time of delivery. Hence, you should be able to give those details as per their expectation and even a few minutes delay in response can affect your company’s credibility.

With the introduction of a vehicle tracking system, you will be able to know the real time location of your company vehicle, whenever you need. Also, you can find out your missing vehicle more quickly, without calling your driver and spending extra time for that.

What is a GPS vehicle tracking system and how does it work?

A GPS vehicle tracking system is one of the best solutions for fleet management and monitoring. It is an application software which helps to discover the exact location of a vehicle.

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Using a GPS device is very much helpful for vehicle tracking. Most of the transport companies make use of a vehicle tracking system for the security and safety of their vehicle as well as fleet management.

The vehicle tracking system is the synthesis of a GPS tracker and a monitoring software which can be accessed via a server. A tracker is installed in the vehicle and with the tracking device you can collect details about the position or location of a vehicle, vehicle speed, time, direction, and usages of the vehicle.

All the above details are obtained and transmitted via a cellular or satellite network. The monitoring software helps you to see and analyse those details. You can access details through mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. Also, personalised software is available for drivers, fleet managers, and the customer.

Thus, a vehicle tracking system will give you both historical and actual time trip data on any kind of journey.

How can information from vehicle tracking system be beneficial to your business?

Without knowing the right location of your vehicle, you will not be able to give your customers details about the estimated time of arrival. A GPS vehicle tracking system makes it possible to locate a vehicle within fractions of seconds, and thus give peace of mind. This will help you to find out the exact location of your vehicle that carry cargo, if it is reported to be late at the destination. Hence, it is an added advantage for your business, if you have the capability to locate your company asset at the right time and readily respond to customer queries.

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Today, it has become compulsory to install a vehicle tracking system for long distance drivers. With the advent of GPS technology, driver safety is increased and driver efficiency is refined. Based on its tracking and Geo-fencing feature, you will be able to identify whether your driver is following the right routes and speeds.

Engine blocking is a useful feature offered by a tracking system. This feature helps us to identify whether a particular driver swerve from its assigned route or take the vehicle without your consent. In such situations, engine blocking mode can be activated by you;

i.e, the engine will be blocked and thus prevent the vehicle from moving. By this way, you can prevent unapproved usage and vehicle thefts.

The technical facet of GPS vehicle tracking system

Initially, tracking devices were accepted and employed by the shipping industry alone. But, when its value was realized, most of the transportation industries implemented GPS devices to track and monitor fleet vehicles.

Mainly, a GPS module is installed in each of your vehicles for the purpose of tracking its location by way of satellites. The modules also oversees certain important details about your fleets such as vehicle speed, engine performance, routing, and idling.

All the above information can be transmitted to you – you can have a glimpse on maps indicating position of your vehicle and its passage or get reports on vehicle status through the internet or software.

Vehicle tracking system software helps you to manage and record fuel level of each vehicle. Upgraded fleet efficiency that improves fuel management process helps you to not only lower risk, but also assist you to meliorate supervision task.

By analyzing the above details, you will be able to know that installation of a vehicle tracking system can be a plus point in your business. Now, with the tracking system, you can understand how substantial it is to embrace technology and thus improve fleet operations in a way that you once thought was impossible.

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