8 Ways Vehicle Tracking System with 2-Way Communication Improves Your Business

Thursday December 8, 2016


A business can enjoy a lot of benefits by installing a vehicle tracking system. Along with your business, your drivers and other staff will also be able to enjoy benefits of the system. They have an opportunity to interact with each other and perform their task well.

There are so many tasks for driver to engage such as mileage reporting, reaching the destination from one point to another point safely, route management, providing quality service to customers, time tracking and a lot more.

Installing a GPS vehicle tracking system with 2-way messaging facility not only saves money, but also help to enhance driver efficiency.

Vehicle Tracking for Better Driver Communication

You can experience better communication if you install a vehicle tracking system integrated with 2-way messaging facility. Some of the common features of such systems include:

1. Need only a single device

A single tab can be used to obtain routes, complete customer details, take notes on vehicle issues (log notes) and interact with your dispatching unit. As there is only a single device, it is easier for you to manage and at the same time it is safe and effective when compared to other systems.

2. Updates in actual time

The updates will be given in a two way manner. Drivers and dispatchers need to interact with each other. Their tasks are interdependent.

Dispatchers need real time updates from drivers so that they can decide the most appropriate route. Similarly, drivers should also have an idea about what dispatchers are planning to do.

3. Store pre-written responses

Most of the responses are used quite often by drivers and dispatchers. Hence, it is better to store those messages and save for future use.

Two way messaging becomes much more efficient by using built-in canned messages. This will help to save your valuable time and concentrate on other tasks.

4. Efficient route planning

With the help of GPS devices, you will be able to interact with your drivers and obtain information on their break time, schedule changes etc.

In addition to this, you will also able to get access to real-time maps and get other details regarding the vehicle. All these GPS data can be very much helpful to you at the time of taking decisions on route planning.

5. Control on Vehicle Speeding

Mostly vehicle drivers are indifferent about the speeding of vehicles. This can be prevented by using speed alerts in the tracking system as they get an instant warning whenever they cross the speed limit. Thus, you can not only save on fuel expenses, but also make your vehicle secure.

6. Reduce Vehicle Idling

Idling can consume a large volume of fuel. Hence, by reducing vehicle idling you will be able to save fuel. Installation of a vehicle tracking system with two way messaging facility will help you to prevent unnecessary idling of your drivers as you can give warning right away.

7. Vehicle tracking system to avoid unnecessary communication

Drivers get easily distracted when you communicate with them continuously. With the help of a vehicle tracking system, you will be able to know when you should not communicate with them and this can improve the overall efficiency of fleet business.

8. Real time mapping

Using a vehicle tracking system, you will be able to know the real-time location of your driver. Hence, there is no need to disturb by constantly messaging them for knowing their whereabouts.

With the vehicle tracking system, you can simply identify the location of your vehicle via maps and save the time of both drivers and dispatchers.

9. Real-time alerts

It is possible to set up a landmark and this helps you to know when a driver leaves a particular location. And when you don’t get an alert, you can conclude that the driver has not started their journey yet and you can send a message for their current status.


Hence, a vehicle tracking system is the perfect solution for all kinds of business – small and big. By integrating two way messaging with the tracking system everyone in the business can save time and your business can save money.

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