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Essential Qualities of a Good Vehicle Tracking Vendor [Buyer’s Guide]

May 23rd, 2019
Essential Qualities of a Good Vehicle Tracking Vendor [Buyer’s Guide]

Today, a wide range of vehicle tracking devices are available in the market. Whether it is for personal use or industrial purpose we can find tracking devices that cater to all requirements of vehicle owners.

Based on the purpose and size of their fleet, there are tracking devices with seamless specifications and special configurations to satisfy the buyer requirements. However, almost every software vendor has the same specifications that fit the buyers’ budget and needs.

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But how would they find the right product that suits the buyer needs from the vast amount of vehicle tracking applications available in the market.

They hope going after the less costly systemswill be an easier option.

Importantly, giving away a trial to demonstrate the performance of their tracking device is always recommended for every vehicle tracking application vendor. Thereby the customers as well as the vendors can affirm the quality of products.

For a buyer to employ a GPS Tracking system to his/her fleets there are couple of things they need to consider such as,

  • The number of vehicles they need to track.
  • Capability of the system to resolve their management issues
  • Is the system able to improve their fleet
  • Capability of the system to upgrade its features as per their needs
  • What kind of ROI can they expect by installing the system?

Keeping this in mind vehicle tracking application vendors should perform the trial run to satisfy the needs of a buyer.

Following are some key performance indicators that tracking application vendors should showcase while conducting a trial run.

  • Installation of the entire unit will be completed inside 1 week
  • After installation the customer will be given a trial period of 1 week
  • Will give a POC trail period after the installation of the software

Other than this the vendors should demonstrate hardware deliverables such as,

  • Alert in case of device removal
  • Demonstration of Storage / transmission data for twenty minutes in case of no GSM coverage areas
  • Display auto latching of devices in case of device removal
  • Alert for power disconnection
  • Demonstration of battery switchover from main to backup without rebooting the device
  • Displaying the over the air programmable abilities of the device

Application/Software deliverables

  • Demonstration of data updating by remote configuring every 1-5 minutes
  • Display the integration of Geo fenced routes providing Lat Long for 2-3 locations
  • Display alerts by email/SMS on route deviation, stoppages on deviated route, and simultaneous route deviations and stoppages
  • Demonstration of trip route, real time trip status and trip closing information
  • Demonstrate health checkup during idling every 30 minutes
  • Illustrate application response time ( For default page max 10sec and subsequent page max 5 sec)
  • Depict auto refreshing of pages at predefined intervals
  • Demonstrate Query based location information (SMS based)
  • Illustration of various color coding of vehicles based on their status (Moving, stationary, unidentified)
  • Display Vehicle registration no, Speed, date & consignee while clicking on the vehicle icon
  • Demonstration of Geo fence route Deviation (min 50m)
  • Illustration of various color coding of vehicles based on trip status(Active & Nonactive vehicles)
  •  Demonstration of minimum 10 level zooming of display of vehicles
  • A complete demonstration of fleet management module for Transport providers(Distance travelled, Idle Halt, Over speed)

We can see numerous vehicle tracking device vendors in the market with exclusive claims of their products. However, an authentic vendor should demonstrate certain qualities and should be courteous to resolve any customer concerns as mentioned above.

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