Impact of Tesla Autonomous Trucks in the Fleet Industry

December 15th, 2017
Impact of Tesla Autonomous Trucks in the Fleet Industry

Artificial Intelligence is reigning almost every industry. The latest trend in the fleet business is the advent of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. However, fleet drivers are stunned with the launch of biggest gizmo by Tesla, an absolutely electric semi-truck. Nevertheless, it is established that the aforesaid truck is capable of covering 500 miles between charges and hauling 80,000 pounds.

In addition, the newly introduced truck will be driven by itself on the highways. Moreover, the truck is having the Enhanced Autopilot facility, that is, the second generation of Tesla’s semi-autonomous technology, which is equipped with automatic braking facility, lane departure warnings, and lane keeping.

Tesla’s Innovation

Similar to other trucks owned by Tesla, this semi-autonomous truck is also based on the Autopilot standard. Company CEO Elon Musk rolled out Tesla autonomous trucks on 17th November 2017 and expected to steer into production by the year 2019. Meanwhile, he ensures that this semi autonomous truck ensures enhanced safety for your trucking business.


  • Autopilot technology – Control the vehicle’s trajectory without the requirement of “hands-on” control by a human operator
  • Jackknifing facility – It is the process of folding an articulated vehicle, for instance a tow truck, in such a way that it resembles the acute angle formed by a folding knife
  • Lane-keeping technology – intends to provide warnings when your vehicle proceeds out of its lane

Facts to Consider:

  • According to the CNBC report, every year, 4000 Americans die in truck related accidents, and a majority of the accidents is resulted by human flaws. It is expected that self-driving vehicles will rectify all these concerns
  • The autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles will alter the lives of 3.2 million people, who is appointed as delivery and heavy truck drivers
  • Based on the research, people are unaware of the merits of automation on the fleet management sector
  • Truck driving will be revolutionized in the future, autonomous trucks are undergoing testing procedures in the US states such as California and Florida

Truck Driving Career in the Current Epoch

Truck driving is often asserted as middle class jobs. On the basis of research conducted by Global Policy Solutions, Washington DC, it was established that the annual wage of truckers is 11 percent higher than the country’s median wage. Of course, truck driving is not a preferred job as it is lonely, dormant, and psychologically tiresome.

In case of long haul truckers, the job will not be pleasant enough as they have to travel away from their kith and kin, and family members for an extended duration. Hence, you can witness how drivers leave their job after a short span of time. As a result, the number of truck drivers are depreciating day by day. The autonomous vehicles and Robo-trucking facility will enable you to overcome this issue.

 Truckers in the Future

Can you imagine the future of truck driving career? Presumably, with the introduction of automated trucks, Tesla provides a genuine inspiration to your fleet companies. The chance for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles are evidently soaring up. On the other hand, the vehicles cannot be fully autonomous in the near future, consequently, semi-autonomous vehicles will have dominance in the future.

Platooning is another technique instituted by the company such as Peloton Technology for augmenting the operational efficiency of trucks. Through this procedure, you will be able to permit drivers to commit other relevant tasks such as finishing off the paperwork, resting, engage in other fleet related tasks such as handling of fleet’s logistics network.

Furthermore, semi-autonomous vehicles will operate smoothly on the highways when compared to congested city areas or construction zones.

As a matter of fact, the popularity of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles will persist to rise in the upcoming generation. Presumably, the Tesla autonomous trucks will definitely revolutionize the fleet industry and enhance your fleet business considerably.

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