Top 5 Reasons to Implement GPS Fleet Tracking in Universities

Friday January 5, 2018


Of course, you will be curious regarding the installation of GPS trackers. Is it beneficial? Why should you install the tracking system? A multitude of queries engages your mind.

However, when you consider university students, you can witness how they utilize the personal vehicles or reside in hostels instead of transporting via university-owned vehicles.

Nevertheless, universities will have separate vehicles for security, maintenance, and delivery to handle the routine purpose. In addition, there will be special needs students, who is dependent on university-provided transportation services to reach the university campus. In the case of reputed universities, you will have the facility to relish transportation services between campuses.

Let’s explore the reasons for implementing GPS vehicle tracking system in Universities:

1. Enhanced Anti-Theft System

 Theft can be an enormous issue in the university campus. Meanwhile, the university properties will be valuable and pricey. According to University of Nevada website, with the generation of a website dedicated for anti-theft, the campus recorded around 36 auto thefts in the year between 2012 and 2014.  That is, 1 vehicle is being stolen each month in a corresponding year.

Moreover, the theft of university property is not a simple concern. The maintenance vehicles in the universities will have expensive tools, thereby forming it a tempting target for burglars.

With the installation of a GPS tracking system in the university vehicles, you will be able to lower the impact of theft, as it enables you to recover vehicles swiftly.

As a result, the theft attempts will be reduced to the minimum, since the burglars consider twice before stealing the vehicle installed with the GPS tracking devices.

By integrating remote ignition kill switch to the real time GPS trackers, you will be able to restrict the vehicle movements within a particular boundary before the thieves drive the vehicles farther.

2. Overall Productivity Improvement

In order to recognize the efficiency of the maintenance crew, you can implement the tracking system, which enables you to be aware of the duration a vehicle remains idle, while the crew is repairing the issue.  Afterward, these data retrieved from the system can be wisely utilized to assess the efficiency of the maintenance crew.

Furthermore, you can track the routes chosen by the crew and ensure whether the route is apt for augmenting the business efficiency or not. Hence, you can curtail gas costs per trip, and reach the students’ destination promptly.

3. Ensure road safety for campus-owned vehicles

Out of the realization that they are being monitored, students and other university officials evade unsafe driving habits, such as over speeding, inebriated driving, ignorance to traffic signals and rules.

As a result, you can witness how the drivers become vigilant, and follow the designated routes efficiently once they install GPS trackers in vehicles.

In addition, GPS trackers enable you to monitor vehicle speed, duration spent in the complicated turns and lane changes, and whether the driver or student stops their vehicle at the railway crossings.

While encompassing these details, you will be able to anticipate the driver’s acquiescence to safety rules. Thus, you can ensure safety for university students, who ride via university-owned vehicles.

Apart from that, if there is an emergency, you can determine the location with the aid of GPS coordinates and send the maintenance crew at the earliest. This can probably save valuable lives.

4. Upgraded maintenance scheduling

 Similar to other vehicles, university-owned vehicles also require regular maintenance. Presumably, university officials will be able to monitor the distance covered by each vehicle and the duration of fleet operation. With the support of these data, you will be able to optimize vehicle maintenance scheduling, which enables you to oust expensive breakdowns due to engine failure.

5. Achieve target with minimal resources

 Budgeting is a key concern for every institution, which will also include universities. In the case of educational institutions, you will be able to educate students how a particular task is finished with minimal resources.

By utilizing the data obtained from the GPS trackers  you will be able to accomplish the fleet management task with fewer vehicles, and thus augment the profitability.

As a matter of fact, a GPS fleet tracking system is relevant for every institution, especially the universities for augmenting student safety and administering the vehicle fleets efficiently.

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