How Harsh Driving Affect the Bottom line of Fleet Business

February 9th, 2018
How Harsh Driving Affect the Bottom line of Fleet Business

Harsh driving has a close alliance with celebrities, politicians, and business tycoons.

However, when a celebrity drive harshly, it becomes the national news for media personnel, but have you ever thought of the normal people, who routinely become the victims of accidents, due to harsh driving.

Nobody cares the least.

Nevertheless, harsh driving is a concern for fleet managers, as it adversely affect the safety, credibility and reputation of fleet business.

Even though, the people who possess a record of exceptional performance will ultimately be blamed for the single fault.

Moreover, the over speeding, aggressive braking, and other undesirable driving behaviors can adversely affect the bottom line of fleet business.

The risk of accidents and injuries is rising since the road routes vary day by day.

Consequences of Harsh Driving

1. Increased Vehicle Repairs

When you drive the vehicle at the maximum speed, you will be forced to conduct repairs and maintenance occasionally, as the over speed can ravage brakes and other vital spare parts of the vehicle.

2. Additional Expenses

Apart from the fleet expenses, you will have to invest additional money for extra  repairs and maintenance due to harsh driving.

At times harsh driving can cause accidents, injuries, and you need to find money for meeting such unnecessary  expenses.

3. Negative impact in bottom line of the business

Once your fleet business has a negative remark, your credibility will be lost forever.

Presumably, people and the rivals have the habit of memorizing the  negatives of your business despite of your success story.

4. Reduce Safety of Drivers and Vehicles

As a responsible fleet manager, your prime consideration should be towards the  safety and security of drivers and vehicles.

Hence, it is wise to monitor the fleet  personnel and vehicles constantly, thus ensuring the fleet safety.

Have a glimpse of the solutions that will reduce the harsh driving behavior:

1. GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Driver Monitoring

With a GPS tracking system, you can track, guide driving behavior, and enhance fuel economy.  Lets us check out the role of GPS trackers in monitoring the driving behavior:

  • Perilous issues such as abrupt acceleration, harsh braking, and unexpected lane changes have been reduced by 50% among day and night drivers
  • Distances driven at a speed exceeding 65 miles per hour lowered by 33% for day cabs and 42 % for the sleeper cabs
  • Fuel economy augmented by 5% for sleeper cabs and 9% for day cabs

By monitoring the vehicle’s speeding, braking, and acceleration, you will be able to reduce the chance for accidents, alter their undesirable driving behavior, curtail unnecessary fines for speeding, and lower the insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, you will certainly obtain a discount for installing a GPS vehicle tracking system in your vehicle fleets, as it ensures enhanced driver safety.

2. Impact of Slow Driving

When you drive slowly and reduce aggressiveness, the wear and tear of the vehicle can be lowered, which lessen the requirement of repairs and maintenance.

Hence, the overall operating costs can be curtailed by lowering the fuel consumption, and thereby extend the vehicle life.

3. Safety Rules and Regulations

By complying with the safety rules and regulations, you will be able to lower the practice of harsh driving.

Furthermore, it ensures the fleet safety, safeguard the credibility, and reputation of your fleet business, which enables you to maintain a positive image among the public.

4. Awareness Programs

 The awareness programs intends to teach the drivers on the negative consequences of harsh driving.

As a result, drivers become aware of the impact of harsh driving and how it endangers the fleet efficiency and safety.

No doubt, harsh driving is categorized as an undesirable driving behavior as it increases overall expenses and poses negative impact on fleet security.

With the advent of GPS tracking devices, you can monitor drivers constantly, provide warning, guidance, and instructions to drivers, who is displaying unacceptable driving behaviors.

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