7 Tips to Prevent Harsh Braking

November 24th, 2017
7 Tips to Prevent Harsh Braking

Harsh braking is an enormous issue for the fleet managers. Nevertheless, harsh braking is categorized as one of the undesirable driving behaviors.

The consequences of harsh braking include excessive wear and tear on vehicle fleets,  and at times, it can cause severe injuries and cost lives.

Meanwhile, the first question will be, “How to prevent drivers from harsh braking?”

However, it is impossible to guide the fleet drivers throughout the trip. Let’s check out the 7 tips on how to avoid harsh braking:

Tip 1 – Establish proper rules for following distance, speed, etc.

There will be a  multitude of reasons for harsh braking. At times, the situation demands it.

Certain common reasons that lead to harsh braking include, animals crossing the road, the unanticipated stopping of the vehicle in front, sudden lane changes which will require sharp braking, etc.

Moreover, it is observed how drivers are not allowing enough space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. Numerous accidents happen due to the false judgement of the stopping distance, especially in case of emergency situations.

It is estimated that a truck travelling at a speed of 55mph requires at least 510 feet for coming to a halt in a 6-second duration.

Tip 2 – Provide training to follow the safety rules

 By generating firm rules regarding how closely vehicles can follow others and its speed limit, aids you to ward off the harsh braking circumstances.

While providing consistent training, you will be able to persuade drivers to follow the safety rules. Along with the training, your drivers will also be able to attain an awareness regarding the following distance.

Tip 3 – Track the drivers who constantly commit harsh braking

It is wise to track the harsh braking incidents, even though it is a minor one.

With these records, you will be able to recognize the drivers, who is worthy of appreciation and rewards (this boost the driver retention).

In addition to this, you can also identify the drivers who need further training and guidance regarding safe driving. By rectifying the hazardous driving habits at the right time, you will be able to reduce the harsh braking situations.

Tip 4 – Install GPS tracking devices

 Tracking is the excellent procedure to recognize the awful drivers and hence installing a GPS tracking device is an apt way to monitor the driver’s behavior behind the wheel.

With the GPS vehicle tracking system, you will be able to track the speed, acceleration, braking, and unnecessary vehicle cornering.

Furthermore, you will be able to identify the undesirable driving habits and warn them at the right time without causing an accident. Hence, the valuable data obtained from the system can be effectively utilized for rectifying the undesirable driving behavior.

Tip 5 – Provide sufficient time to driver for reaching the destination safely

Drivers often violate safety rules to meet the tight schedule created by the authorities.

If a particular driver is having 6-hours to complete the 6-hour trip without a consideration for traffic, adverse weather conditions, etc., drivers will increase the vehicle speed for obligating the predetermined schedule.

Over speeding can result in harsh braking. The only way to reduce this issue is to provide ample leeway on delivery times.

Therefore, the driver’s pressure to adhere to the schedules can be lowered, which enables them to concentrate on the safety alone. In addition, the GPS trackers track the time wasted while driving the vehicle through vehicle idling.

Tip 6 – Implementation of speed limiting devices

Speed limit devices will enable you to accomplish the goal, that is, “to prevent the  harsh braking”.

Consequently, it is strenuous to control the vehicle speed manually and thus the installation of a GPS tracking device will assist you to detect excessive speeding of vehicles.

Tip 7- Identify and reward exceptional drivers

Of course the appointment of a safe driver will enhance the company’s reputation and boost the fleet security.

By rewarding the efficient drivers, you will be able to set a model for all other drivers. Apart from that, you can also organize an award ceremony, which provide further inspiration to others.

As a matter of fact, the tips mentioned above can provide adequate guidance to drivers regarding how to avoid harsh braking.


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