How GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems Help You Deliver Great Customer Service

Wednesday April 12, 2017


Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground. Its where business is going to be won or lost” – Tom Knighton

Providing a good customer service is the dream of every business owner. When you deliver good service, you get more business.

Eggs and bacon, butter and popcorn, pizza and beer, burger and fries are some brilliant food combos. Similarly, GPS vehicle tracking systems and customer service is a brilliant combo. This is a winning combination, involving modern technology.

You may wonder how can this technology help you deliver better customer service. It is a common prejudice that only face-to-face interaction can improve customer communication. Obviously, a friendly gesture and a positive attitude can do a great job with customers.

And it will never ever go out of fashion as  face to face communication can be pleasing for your customers in most cases. But there are other possibilities that will help enhance customer service, thanks to the innovative technology such as GPS vehicle tracking system.

 What is the key attraction?

Curious about what is so special about GPS vehicle tracking systems? There are so many reasons that makes it special from other technologies as it helps to:

1. Ensure safety of assets as well as drivers

2. Control overall fleet expenses

3. Give quick responses to customers

4. Provide guidance to your fleet drivers

5. Record customer orders efficiently and accurately

6. Create a bunch of delighted customers, and thereby improve brand loyalty

 Additional features to enhance customer service

With the modern vehicle tracking system, you will get details about the past orders, the feedback given by customers (good as well as bad), and their suggestions.

You can consider these details with an aim to improve customer service. And you don’t have to mess yourself with a bundle of papers as you can check out work orders easily and quickly using a tracking software.

When you closely follow your customer’s preferences, they will naturally get motivated and have a feeling that they are being valued by your business. And based on their feedback stored in the system’s database, you will be able to improve services and deliver the product as per their needs.

Also, by referring  customers’ transaction history, you can identify the active customers and the passive ones. According to these details, you can send appropriate messages like “We miss you” for the passive ones and this will obviously motivate them to have more purchases with your business.

In addition to this, you can also provide special offers to regular or active customers. This is an excellent way of promotion.

How does trackers improve customer service at the time of delivering a product?

In case of delivery, customers will get constant updates on the location of their product. And if a vehicle gets delayed from the scheduled hours, either you can give an alert to the prospective customer or you can immediately assign another vehicle to make the delivery sooner.

This will help to maintain the goodwill and credibility of your business. Apart from this, a tracking system provide adequate guidance to improve driving of your fellow employees and thus ensure safety to product as well as driver.


It is true that the vehicle tracking systems help you deliver superior customer service,   perform your duty quickly, and bring new customers.

With GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can identify unsafe driving behavior of your drivers and rectify it as early as possible without affecting your company’s reputation. All these additional features of the system helps to enhance the customer service and make your business a successful one.