Top 10 Benefits of Using GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Tuesday May 31, 2016


Companies that have a large number of employees normally implement GPS vehicle tracking devices in their vehicles. It helps to improve efficiency of the organization as company vehicles can be easily tracked using the technology.

The implication of GPS tracking device in today’s business is rather impressive. It can be an important money saving tool for small or medium sized business.

Vehicle tracking not only helps to know where the vehicle currently is but also allows to know routes taken by drivers. An employee using tracking device can be easily tracked and the company can know about the location or the route taken by him or her.

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Usually a GPS vehicle tracking device will consist of a tracking device with a central server and software will be installed inside the vehicle. Using Geo stationary satellites, information related to the vehicle such as speed, position and direction of travel can be obtained. In order to remain up-to-date at all times, the device transmits its position on regular intervals of time.

Here are the top ten benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking device:

  1. With the help of a GPS device, running costs can be reduced, especially by targeting those who speed and waste fuel. Such drivers can be found out, and necessary action taken. Thus you will be able to not only reduce fuel costs and maintenance bills but also reduce insurance premiums

  1. Using an automatic mileage reminder, it is possible to reduce the time that may be otherwise wasted on vehicle maintenance. Resale value for the fleet will also be higher if the device is having a service that ensures vehicles are properly serviced. Also, it helps to avoid penalties for issues such as bald tyres and tax

  1. Companies that implement GPS tracking device will be able to gain a discount from some insurance companies. It not only ensures safe driving, but also helps to recover if any theft occurs

  1. Helps to increase productivity as there is close monitoring of lunch hours, unauthorized work breaks and evaluating overtime needs of workers. It is easier to keep track of employee activities by getting detailed information on the vehicles every time

  1. It helps to make businesses more customer friendly. It will be particularly useful for cab companies which gives instant information to customers regarding the nearest cab and how long will it take to arrive that location

  1. Using GPS service, one can easily find out the most productive employees. This information can be used for attributing adequate training to employees who need and for giving bonus benefits to those who work efficiently

  1. There is no need to call employees constantly to know their location as the vehicle tracking system will do the job. Thereby it helps to reduce phone bills significantly

  1. It will be easy for people who are running the software as all the relevant information will be displayed on one screen. It helps to easily access answer queries quickly and correctly

  1. It helps to reduce the amount of paperwork which may otherwise be filled out by drivers. By using the device, accuracy of the records is increased

  1. Business owners will have greater access to business operations. This is because they are having detailed information regarding the whereabouts of each and every employee. They will have more control over their company

These are the top benefits that can be associated with the use of a GPS vehicle tracking device. This device helps to bring operations up-to-date, make use of advanced technology for improving operations, profitability and efficiency. Using tracking devices, companies will be able to run businesses smarter.

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