4 Modern Technologies Used in GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Thursday June 1, 2017


Originally developed for military purposes in the early 1970s, GPS vehicle tracking systems are now an integral part of everyday life.

Modern GPS vehicle tracking units are so advanced that they can find more than just the location of a vehicle. Speed monitoring, driver behaviour monitoring, optimal vehicle allocation, fuel check, mileage checking, condition based maintenance, automated PUSH messages, instant SOS facility etc., are some additional benefits offered by such systems.

Have you wondered what technologies make these systems so smart? There are different technologies, and here we present four of them:

Over The Air Security

There are a number of security concerns for all fleet managers such as vehicle theft and hijacking. Over the air security features in GPS units help allay these fears to a great extent. Fleet managers can safely disable vehicle engine remotely, effectively demobilizing the vehicle. The earlier models of GPS were expensive and difficult to install and use. But the GPS systems are now cheaper, more common and accurate.

The advanced GPS navigation systems available nowadays give fleet managers the ability to monitor the vehicle from anywhere in the world. They are able to know if a vehicle goes off the planned route, if there is too much idling or unnecessary stops. These help provide safe and secure transportation of valuable goods.

Alcohol level/Fire/Smoke Detection

Some systems prevent the engine from switching on if the alcohol level in the cab is above the legally permissible limit. GPS units fitted with sensors that sense fire, smoke, etc. can also be on your choice list.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Shorter routes and sensible driving are simple ways to save on fuel and maintenance costs. Remote speed and mileage monitor facilities added to GPS vehicle tracking systems help to perform this task with ease. Reports can be generated and saved for future analysis. You can also schedule vehicles to be send over to the mechanic team so that any technical snag can be noted and apt action taken to rectify them. Driver behaviours, rash driving, fuel wastage or theft, etc. can also be noted instantly.

Communication Facilities (SMS, PUSH, Email and instant SOS)

Advanced versions of GPS units now allow hands-free calling, Music streaming, File sharing via Bluetooth, voice directions, etc. SMS facilities to notify the location are also available. PUSH messages, email information forwarding facilities, etc. Are valuable additions to ensure safety of the students in school buses.

Messages and notifications can be set up to be forwarded to parents or teachers when kids board and alight the bus. Any stopping beyond the permitted time frame, route diversions, etc. can be noted and alerted well in time. Sophisticated units allow these messages to be sent to even smartphones without a dedicated app for such services.

In the same way, it is helpful to fleet managers of any industry.

Apart from the above mentioned technologies, GPS units can find the closest gas station, allow you to form a breadcrumb trail to get back to your vehicle if you have moved away from the vehicle after parking it in a remote location, for example, venturing into the forest after parking away the vehicle on a hiking trip can be really peaceful since the vehicle can form a trail and help you to locate it when you are back.


Anyway, the choice is yours. You can ask the GPS unit provider for a customized solution to suit your needs too. With the innovations and modern technology, GPS units are further expected to revolutionize the way we drive.