How Does Citizen Social Responsibility Improve with GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

Friday May 5, 2017


We have  a social responsibilty, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others”- Janie Lewis

Social responsibility – You may have familiar with the term. It is a typical buzzword for many business professionals. For some, it’s a part of mission statement- a commitment to both the environment and the community.

Social responsibility depends on various factors and a single fault can destroy your company’s credibility, which took years to build. Some black marks that can destroy a company’s goodwill include accidents, unscientific practices, usage of obsolete technology, etc.

One of the most accepted solutions for enhancing social responsibility is to adopt a GPS vehicle tracking system for your business.

How can GPS Devices take Social Responsibility to the Next Level?

Usually, when you associate the effort to fulfilling social responsibility, the idea of “green technology” arises in your mind. And you know that GPS  doesn’t go right with green technology. So how can it boost social responsibility? Curious about it? Let’s check it out:

1. Reducing fuel waste

 This is one of the ways that GPS trackers contribute to social responsibility. From larger trucks to smaller delivery vans, all vehicles consume resources. It’s not a big deal! But the consumption of resources can significantly be reduced by using smart vehicle tracking software. Wondering how? There are many ways.

(i) You can refer the alternative routes from the GPS tracking system at times of heavy traffic

(ii) Ensure drivers are not rash driving

(iii) Avoid over-idling of vehicles and more. Thus, you will be able to   curtail the fuel waste and reduce carbon emissions from your fleet of  vehicles.

2. Decreasing accident risks

Like other professionals, drivers can also be stressed out- they have to go to plenty of places in a day within a specified time. Due to this particular reason, drivers may be forced to follow unsafe driving practices for saving time and completing their designated task. This in turn increases the accident risk.

 A tracking system enables you to track the drivers behaviour aspects such as acceleration, hard braking, and unexpected vehicle cornering.

In addition, the Geo-fencing feature will allow you to monitor drivers who violate the rules and enter restricted zones. This helps you to identify bad driving behaviour of each of your driver and rectify before they become huge issues.

3. Eliminating Road Rage

 When a vehicle is stolen, the danger level increases for fellow citizens on the road as police initiate high speed chases. With vehicle tracking systems, you can provide the right location data of vehicles to police officials. This helps them to track the stolen vehicles easily.

 Modern vehicle tracking systems have the facility to disable the vehicle starter whenever there is an attempt to vehicle theft, so that thieves may not be able to move your vehicle. This in turn avoids dangerous high speed chases on the road, saving so many lives.

4. Putting safer vehicles on the road

With the help of trackers, you will be able to conduct vehicle maintenance at the right time. In addition to this, you will also be able to keep mechanical service history of vehicles. And hence, a GPS tracking system enables you to put safer vehicles on the road without harming others.


When you install the GPS trackers to vehicle fleets, your drivers may feel offended as they think that you are doubtful about their efforts. They may definitely ask What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM).

Hence, it is your responsibility to clarify the company members as well as drivers about the benefits of implementing tracking system and how it enhances your social responsibility.

Installing GPS tracking devices can be the wise choice for your business, if you aim to augment your company’s social responsibility. A GPS vehicle tracking system will help to reduce wasteful driving behaviors and avoid the risk of accidents. By implementing better technology, you will lead a better life.