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GPS Mapping Software – Why in It is a Good Move

March 21st, 2018
GPS Mapping Software – Why in It is a Good Move

While efficient logistics and timely supply of goods occupy the area of significant concern for business owners, safety tops the chart of every parent when it comes to their children.

And both get satisfactorily fulfilled by what is known as GPS or Global Positioning System.

It is a powerful tool which provides innovative and comprehensive solutions for SME, large companies and schools and colleges.

The software has evolved over the period to fit the needs of fleet owners, and now the smartphone-based GPS technology allows for real-time trip tracking and also pinpoint and prevent any risky driving behavior which otherwise goes unnoticed.

Let us look into more benefits of investing in a GPS mapping software and how business-owners can benefit from the same.

1. Real-time Vehicle Tracking

The GPS mapping software enables real-time monitoring; it not only provides an Online map view with vehicle symbols and color status but also shows the location on different maps.

It becomes quite straightforward and uncomplicated for the logistics department to understand where their vehicle is and how long will it take to reach customer’s location.

It eventually leads to better customer service and higher productivity. It ensures proper asset utilization, location-based alert and proves to be an asset to the fleet management companies.

2. Geofence Hotspots

A Geofence is a virtual perimeter that covers a specified area on a map.

It is used to send alerts when fleet assets either enter or exit the Geofence implemented area.

It offers insightful reports including how long the vehicle has been outside or within a geofenced area.

It also tracks fuel theft and ensures proper use of the asset.

3. Driver Behavior Tracking

The tool motivates the drivers to perform better as their each, and every move is monitored and tracked.

The software automatically tracks driver’s trips and also the quality of their driving.

If an employee is spending significant amount of time outside the virtual perimeter that is created or on non-customized routes or use assets for personal use, the software will track everything and provide reports to analyze driver’s performance.

Since the GPS mapping software pinpoints driver’s efficiencies too and catches hold of any loopholes during the transit, it makes drivers more accountable and cautious, therefore enhancing the safety of goods.

4. Better Communication

One of the most significant advantages of the software is it streamlines fleet manager-to-driver communication.

When the fleet owners use the software along with the geofencing feature, there is no necessity of getting a manual confirmation when the driver or assisting staff reaches the customer site.

The alert and notification feature takes care of every communication and notifies all the stakeholders when an asset enters or leaves a hotspot geo-zone.

The GPS mapping software also offers the facility of customized alerts, and you can add or delete any alert to the existing ones.

The notifications can be in the form of SMS, email or call, and speed-based alerts. And flexible time windows can also be incorporated.

5. Powerful Reports

You will have all the data in your hand when you empower your fleet management through the GPS mapping software.

You can study and analyze the data and identify the gaps in your system and improve them.

You also have the option of detailed reports such as reports on monthly asset movement, waiting and idle times, and customer visit reports.

In addition to this, you can have a graphical overview reports for driving times which you can download for future use in the form of pdf.

There is also the feature of filtering the reports and summarizing them based on asset groups and time restrictions.

The reports can also be downloaded in the form of excel which you can study to make future forecasts.

With the software, you receive automated reports frequently.

6. Efficiency and Safety

The software has evolved out of the necessity of security of fleets and effectiveness while the vehicle is on the move.

During emergencies and any unfortunate event like an accident or theft, the software quickly notifies the owners and helps them take immediate action.

The GPS mapping software also ensures that your overall cost gets reduced, when your drivers reach their destinations faster, the lesser driving time means less money is going on the time card.

Those unused hours can be better used for other productive activities.

To Conclude

GPS Mapping software is a blessing for enterprises of all types, from fleet management companies to companies which have logistic as their primary function, such software has made their lives relaxed and more productive.

With the increased use of such software by business owners, all the other processes of the business also get streamlined and yield better results.

No matter what your reason is for looking into GPS mapping software, you will find what you are looking for and much more right here.

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