Staring at the Crystal Ball : Future of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Thursday December 22, 2016


You can see how technology is improving day by day. And the trends in GPS vehicle tracking system are also changing correspondingly. Just like a computer game launching the new version with brand new features, tracking systems also introduce new, improved versions with advanced features.

When you gaze into the crystal ball, probably you may get 3 key trends in fleet management in the near future:

Application of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, otherwise known as Kudzi 3.0 in computer jargon, is the direct or indirect view of the real world, which is augmented by computer generated sensory like video, graphics, sound, etc.

This technology can be very useful for you in the field of fleet management. You would have seen it in popular movies such as Ironman and earlier, in Minority report.

AR technology will revolutionize your driving and ownership experience. This is because you will be able to get valuable details like receiving a warning signal to indicate that a pedestrian or obstacle is present on the roadway. Hence, you will be able to get a safe roadway.

There will some innovative features like usage of the windshields capable of detecting obstacles and receiving traffic alerts. A digital speedometer can be placed on top of the windshield so that there is no need for you to look down for examining your vehicle speed.

In addition to this, the speedometer should have colour coding that helps you to know whether you stay in green, yellow or red zone. All these features can make your task simple and easy.

AR technology integrates telematics program along with real time GPS technology. This will display arrow directions onto the windshields, which can be useful for you at the time of taking a dangerous turn.

Launch of Autonomous Vehicles

When you use autonomous vehicles (self driving or driverless vehicles), your drivers can merely be a passenger without having much concentration on the road and check other details such as job orders, sending invoices, etc.

With the help of a telematics program in an autonomous vehicle, you will be able to know about road blocks and other road issues. Thus, you will get an instant message for deviating off your route and take an alternative route.

For using autonomous vehicles, the first step is to have practice on semi autonomous vehicles. In such vehicles, drivers are the ones who control the vehicle, but other things such as braking, providing parking assistance etc. is done by the vehicle.

Once these issues are solved successfully, you can slowly move to fully autonomized one for dealing issues like careless or dopey driving.

Obviously, a time comes when vehicles start to learn your driving behaviours, schedules and thus act accordingly. You may think of it as impossible, but it can be possible if you think about the working of Nest Thermostat, which learns house owner’s behaviour, their temperature preferences and operate accordingly. This will help to save energy and reduce energy bills.

Connected Vehicle

You may wonder what a “connected vehicle” really is. Within a period of five to seven years, you can witness industry tycoons making use of telematics in their vehicles.

The principle of automotive telematics was first popularized by General Motors Corporation for improving their business.

One of the greatest benefits offered by telematics program is that they track the vehicles automatically and provide instant alerts when there is a need for servicing your vehicle.

And there is also a chance for this system to allot a provision to contact the repair station whenever your vehicle needs maintenance and make an appointment.

In the near future, you will be able to witness your vehicle (integrated with telematics program) leading to the nearest fuel station whenever fuel runs low. If you are lucky enough, you can see vehicles that interacts with other vehicles and updating their status to each other.

By this time, you may have understood how much useful it can get by making use of a sophisticated yet simple-to-use GPS vehicle tracking system for your business. As a matter of fact, you can see how the size of trackers are decreasing and how the efficiency of the system is increasing.

Hence, there is more chance for a dramatic shrinkage in size of the tracking system. While staring at the crystal ball, you can foresee the bright future of vehicle tracking system. And it will be thrilling to watch how businesses adapt to the vehicle tracking system developments that unravel slowly.