Increase Business Productivity with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Wednesday October 19, 2016


Every company aims to achieve maximum productivity out of minimum resources. When available resources are less in quantity, you will face great difficulty in making the business profitable and successful. In such situations, your goal is to maximize productivity from your assets, including the fleet of vehicles that you own.

It is difficult to maximize productivity and efficiency for long distance transportation vehicles. If you use vehicle such as trucks for your business, it is vital to move goods and materials to distant locations. Hence, there is a lot of possibilty to lose efficiency in delivering resources and creating delays.

The above mentioned inefficiencies that cause productivity delays and misuse of resources can be prevented by using GPS-enabled vehicle tracking system. Here follows some of the ways by which GPS vehicle tracking system helps to overcome these inefficiencies:

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  1. Prevent unscheduled side trips

Obviously it is an exhausting task to sit behind the wheel for hours. Sometimes, to obliterate boredom, your driver may be tempted to take another route which is having more scenery or engage in a distracting activity. These few hours of distraction can cause a great damage to your business.

GPS vehicle tracking system helps to prevent unscheduled side trips by giving tracking data to fleet managers. With this data, you can query drivers to give for deviating from scheduled routes and guide them back to follow the most efficient route. If your truck goes away from the planned route, you will be able to receive instant alerts.

2. Reduce fuel inefficiencies

Average speed, tire pressure, weight of the load, traffic system, and maintenance concerns can negatively affect fuel management. It is hard to control the weight of load, but it is to solve maintenance issues and control the path your driver takes.

The following are the ways a tracking system help to improve fuel efficiency of the vehicle:

  • Monitoring driving behaviors

The way drivers handle a vehicle can greatly affect fuel economy. When speed is increased, your vehicle will need more engine power and fuel consumption. With the help of a tracking system, you can monitor acceleration and braking behaviors of your driver. This will help you to identify drivers who waste fuel unnecessarily.

  • Preparing diagnostics report

Some of the modern tracking system can integrate into your vehicle’s diagnostics system and identify whether there is any issues related to fuel efficiency or if there is any chance for a breakdown. These data can be valuable at the time of vehicle maintenance and thus avoid unwanted or unnecessary maintenance expenses.

  • Guiding drivers around traffic jams

There is always an issue of traffic jams near all major cities. Crashes, road construction pitfalls, and heavy traffic result in excessive idling of vehicles and cause delay in reaching your destination. In such situations, a tracking system helps you to guide the driver towards alternative paths for saving fuel and preventing delays.

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  1. Avoid cargo thefts

Certain things can negatively impact productivity for fleet related business. One such issue that can affect your company’s productivity is the unexpected theft of company goods. This can be a major threat to all companies dealing with transporting goods or supplies to a far away destination.

Cargo thefts are a huge issue for your company, as it not only faces a sudden unavailability of valuable resources, but also cause productivity delays from the loss of cargo. The austerity of impact depends on the size of your vehicle fleet and rapidness at which a lost asset can be replaced with a new one.

Unfortunately, the impact on cash flow and operations of your company will be dreadful, if you are owning a smaller fleet of vehicles. But, this risk of losing cargo can be minimized by installing a tracker for each of your vehicles. With GPS vehicle tracking technology, you will be able to track down the location of your cargo, assist officials to find the lost asset and recover it as quickly as possible.

By analyzing the above benefits offered by a tracking system, you will be able to know how useful it is to embrace the wonders of GPS technology and overcome some of the prominent business challenges you may face in daily operations.