How to Perform Garment Shipment Efficiently with GPS Tracking

Wednesday January 17, 2018


Based on the findings, the apparel and accessory industry is one the five targeted industries for the cargo theft. Of course you can imagine its reasons – expensive clothing, accessories and high-end sports apparels.

All these items can be expensive and difficult to track, when compared to other items and thus become a burglar’s target.

According to the facts, it is established that, worldwide, there is an annual loss of around 60 million due to the theft in garment industry alone.

Nevertheless, this emerging threat is not affordable for several companies, since it drastically affects the company’s bottom line.

Check out the key reasons for the increasing garment theft:

a. Vehicle idling

b. Resting cargo containers

c. Inaccuracy in the vehicle tracking system

How to Prevent Loss in Garment Industry?

Similar to other industries, your ultimate goal will be to reduce the rate of loss in the industry.

As a consequence, the top priority of garment industry is the loss prevention.

How to accomplish this target?

Moreover, a GPS vehicle tracking system serves as the ideal solution for garment industry by ensuring adequate safety for cargo.

Merits of installing GPS trackers in the vehicles of garment industry:

1. Cargo theft prevention and recovery

 First and foremost, the cargo theft prevention is a dominant merit offered by the GPS tracking system.

By utilizing the data from GPS trackers, you can recognize the real-time location of each vehicle in the fleet and hand over the data to cops, who can recover the vehicle without further delay.

This is beneficial for the entrepreneurs of garment industries as  garments are the expensive cargo and you cannot simply risk the loss created by it.

2. Detect the unexpected route diversion

Route diversion serves a warning to you, whenever you detect a diversion from the assigned route via GPS trackers and crosses the Geo-fenced zones, alternative measures can be taken at the right time.

Henceforth, you will be able to ensure safety and security of your  precious cargo.

3. Live tracking feature

No doubt, the key feature of a vehicle tracking system is the live tracking feature.

Through this feature, the system enables you to track the shipment movements, monitor the cargo ferrying vehicles, and pinpoint its exact location.

Furthermore, you can recognize whether the vehicle stops at unauthorized locations.

You can also check out this Slideshare presentation on how GPS vehicle tracking helps oil and gas industry:

4. Generate reports

 Earlier, report creation was a nightmare, it was a troublesome and strenuous task.

Now, the circumstances altered since then, the system provides accurate reports on maintenance, routine performance, weekly reports, monthly reports, and annual reports instantly and effortlessly.

Based on these reports, you can schedule it to the stakeholders and enhance the bottom line.

Final Thoughts

In fact, the garment industry is a flourishing industry and it will never be at a loss.

The worst instance that can occur in the garment business is an unexpected theft and unable to recover it instantly, and however the issue can now be solved in a matter of time, by installing a GPS vehicle tracking system.

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