10 Reasons Fleet Managers should Use a GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Thursday September 29, 2016


As a business professional, you will always try to save time, money and maximize productivity of your employees. Introduction of GPS vehicle tracking system completely revolutionized the task of fleet management and helped businesses to achieve their goals smoothly. Apart from these, you will be able to receive so many benefits associated with a GPS vehicle tracking system.

Here follows the list of ten reasons why fleet managers should use a GPS vehicle tracking system for their fleet management:

  1. Increased profits and performance

With the help of a tracking system, you get details regarding vehicle efficiency and driver productivity, and based on that data you will be able to better manage fleet operations costs. Hence, by careful planning, you can reduce employee overtime costs and down-time of drivers.

Even a slight reduction in maintenance costs can have a great impact on the balance sheet of your company. In addition to this, revamping of route efficiency plan and fleet management helps you to proliferate customer base. Based on the study, it has been found that installation of a vehicle tracking system can save a huge amount of money annually for your company.

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  1. Enhance fleet operations

Vehicle tracking system assist you to take right decisions at the right time. You will be able to manage drivers, assets and other company resources in an appropriate manner.

Earlier, drivers needed to update driver log sheets, service forms and maintenance records for tracking fleet operations. Now with the advanced GPS technology, you get access to every type of vehicle data that enables you to manage fleet operation costs efficiently. Using a GPS vehicle tracking system, you can add more jobs each day.

It was found that after implementation of the GPS tracking system in a company, you will be able to complete work orders effectively.

  1. Minimize fuel costs and Carbon Dioxide emissions

Certain bad habits such as speeding and unnecessary idling can be tracked using the system. These behaviors can be easily identified using tracking devices. Each year, you need to pay a huge amount of money for fuel. Hence, it is better for you to try to reduce fuel expenses for making your fleet productive and environment friendly.

  1. Methodical routing and dispatching

For timely dispatching, dispatchers can make use of the GPS technology. Your company will be able to deliver better customer service as you can select and assign those dispatchers nearest to a specific location. Also, by using the GPS service, your dispatchers are able to get an accurate delivery route and avoid heavy traffic areas that delays their trip.

  1. Reduce maintenance costs and vehicle wear and tear

A tracking system enables to service your vehicle at regular intervals even though vehicle does not need maintenance at that particular time. Whenever a vehicle needs repairs or maintenance, you get instant notification via a tracking system.

  1. Methodical record keeping

GPS technology took the record keeping process to the next level. You will be able to store all details related to fleet operations and organize it based on the way you need.

As a result, you can perform tasks such as planning and corroborating vehicle and equipment services, tracking of vehicle locations, drop off location of the equipments, the route used by drivers, maintain accurate records of employee hours and vehicle mileage. This information can be indispensable at the time of audit and annual planning.

  1. Decrease insurance costs and liability

Several insurance companies offer discounts to your businesses if they find that your company have installed a GPS vehicle tracking system. When you get valid data from the system, your business gets protected against inane lawsuits. Thus, you will be getting a relief from liability caused by worker’s compensation costs and accident claims.

  1. Avoid unauthorized vehicle use

By using real time information obtained from the system, a lot of unauthorized and illegal vehicle usage of your drivers can be identified. This will also put a stop to illegal fuel consumption of your drivers.

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  1. Improve employee safety

Driver safety and efficiency got improved with the automation of record keeping. Important data related to driver behavior such as speeding, excess idling and the total number of time vehicle was put in reverse etc. can be obtained. Based on these data, you can honour safe drivers, train worst one to have good driving habits and handle emergency situations wisely.

  1. Superior customer service

Apparently, data procured from a tracking system can be used to verify delivery details and the total time spent at each location. Hence, you will be able to quickly respond to customer enquiries.

GPS vehicle tracking system is a useful technology, especially for fleet managers. Based on the above reasons, you can imagine how beneficial a GPS vehicle tracking system is to your business.