How to Find Hidden GPS Tracker in Your Car

Friday August 18, 2017


Often, you may consider GPS trackers as private investigators, since it tracks the whereabouts of people. Ordinarily, vehicle tracking devices are implemented either by the fleet companies, or taxi companies.

And, GPS trackers are available in retail stores, which deals with electronic items, video surveillance, and GPS equipment or can be purchased online. Nevertheless, modern trackers are affordable for every company.

There will be a subscription cost or a service agreement as the tracking devices utilize cellular technology for determining the vehicle location.

How to find the hidden GPS tracker in your car?

Let’s check on it.

5 Steps to Find Hidden GPS Trackers

1. Recognize the device installed in your car

Presumably, GPS Tracking devices are implemented for legal tracking purposes and hence there is no need for secrecy.

And in the case of concealed trackers, it will be commonly placed on the exterior of the vehicle, which demands an intensive check to identify them. Moreover, the device varies from one to another on the basis of manufacturers and their purpose.

However, certain guidelines can assist you to locate the hidden GPS tracker in your vehicle. Remember that, a tracker is a box with a magnetic shield. At times, the device may or may not comprise the antenna with a light on it.

And, its size will be around 3 to 4 inches length, 2 inches wide, and a thickness of around 1 inch.

Materials required:-

  • Electronic sweeper (not compulsory)
  • Flashlight

2. Execute a physical inspection

1. Check the exterior

Check all the possible locations, where the trackers can be kept hidden. And, you should remember the fact that the device which is placed on the exterior of the vehicle will be weatherproof and condensed.

2. Inspect the wheel wells

With the assistance of flashlights, inspect the pair of front and the pair of rear wheel wells. Check the areas, which are not easily visible, with your hands.

If a GPS tracker is attached to the wheel wells, its magnet should be attached to a metal part, and henceforth search behind plastic covers that will not require replacement.

3. Search at the undercarriage

Attach a mirror to an extendable pole for searching areas beneath the vehicle. If there is a tracker underneath the vehicle, it will be dirty, difficult to identify, and hence need to examine carefully.

4. Check the back of the bumper

There is no sufficient space behind the bumper, but if there is space, perhaps it is an ideal location for hiding trackers.

5. Check under the hood

Lift the hood up and check for a tracking device, which is stuck to the strut bar,  engine, behind the radiator, or concealed among the batteries, air ducts, or related components.

Certainly, it is a wrong place for concealing as it is exposed to temperature, which harms the subtle electrical components.

6. Examine the interior

Certain trackers are designed simple and can be plugged directly into the data port, which is beneath the driver’s side of the dashboard.

Examine whether a tiny black box is plugged into the data port or not. Meanwhile, you can effortlessly remove the connected device by pulling it out.

a. Check the spare tire compartment, the tracker may be hidden somewhere in between the spare tire or tools.

b. Inspect underneath the seats. With the assistance of a flashlight, you can identify the devices out of place, examine the rear seats and check whether there are  any loose hanging wires.

c. Examine beneath the dashboards. There is no need to remove the cover for inspecting the presence of a hidden GPS tracker.

Once you have access to it, seek for a magnetically attached device as it can be the perfect location for hiding a wired device.

Check for the wired module that is left unwrapped into the vehicle. In addition to this, the glove box can be removed for checking the presence of tracking devices.

3. Seek the assistance of an electronic sweeper

Actually, this device exists, you may have a prejudice that such devices exist only in spy movies. But, this can be purchased online or from surveillance retailers.

With the support of an electronic sweeper, the user can identify the presence of radio frequency transmission or a cellular signal transmission.

Electronic sweepers appear in varying shapes and sizes  from an ordinary pen to mini cassette tape sized unit. Whenever they detect the presence of radio frequencies, an audible tone along with a flashing light and vibration will be obtained.

How to handle?

It’s quite effortless to handle. Simply, switch on the sweeper and walk around your vehicle. If you suspect a particular location, place there and at all the places mentioned above.

Consequently, a flashing light, vibration, and aural signal are received, you can conclude that there is the presence of a radio frequency transmission.

Furthermore, the device assists you to identify how close you are towards the tracker (with the aid of additional lights or changing tone).

4. Perform a professional inspection

Seek industry professionals that work with alarm system installers, technicians, mechanics, and remote system installers.

Presumably, professionals will be able to identify GPS tracking devices and in addition to this, you can even employ private investigators for this purpose.

5. How to manage a tracking device

Once you find the trackers, how will you manage it? How to safely remove it?

Modern trackers are ordinarily battery operated, and henceforth, there may not be wired connection into it. Suppose, there is no wiring for the device, you can simply disconnect it without further complication.

If it is wired, ensure that no other vehicle components are damaged with the disconnection of the GPS trackers. And, if the device is magnetic, an easy tug will be enough.

After all, it is your car and hence you should not encourage the installation of GPS trackers to interfere your privacy. Nevertheless, if you have suspicion regarding it, you can recognize it swiftly by performing the above procedures and disable the device.

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