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7 Amazing Advantages of Commercial GPS Technology [2016]

July 11th, 2016
7 Amazing Advantages of Commercial GPS Technology [2016]

Most of us might think of GPS just as a tool for mapping and tracking. But today, you can witness the use of GPS in different areas. For drivers, this technology replaced maps as it is the easiest way to navigate.

GPS technology has become an integral part of daily life for many individuals and businesses. In situations like car theft detection, GPS vehicle tracking system is highly advantageous for you.

There are so many benefits associated with GPS technology ranging from decreased cost to improved safety. Below follows some of the major benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

Your fleet can work with a higher level of efficiency and save you money with the help of custom reporting. Hence, you will be able to know about more than just vehicle location details and thus save money, which may otherwise be spent on phone call charges.

Using the reports of GPS technology, data can be converted into useful and actionable information. With this information, you can prepare reports which can be later shared with team members and thus make it useful for business purposes.

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  • Real-time Driver Insights

You will be able to know where your team is and thus get an idea about what’s happening in their work. This helps you to dispatch more efficiently, improve service to customers and reduce time, which may otherwise be spent on calling drivers for updates.

With the help of GPS-based vehicle tracking system, you can re-direct vehicles, see when trips are completed, accurately forecast the estimated time of arrival of each vehicle you monitor and deal with emergency issues at the right time.

  • Improved Driver Safety

You will receive alerts and notification if your vehicle exceeds speed limit. It is a known fact that aggressive driving habits can increase the chance of accidents. GPS vehicle tracking system helps to ensure safety of drivers on the road. You can monitor your drivers from your PC or smart device and stop unsafe behavior from them.

By using Geo-fencing feature, you can automatically identify key location where drivers visit and thus categorize them. There is no need for you to depend only on the reports. You will also get notified if your vehicles cross the geo-fenced area.

  • Software Solutions

Initially, GPS were hardwired into your vehicles. But as technology evolved, smart phones became popular and customers are finding it easier to install GPS on your phone. In addition to this, you can use application supporting GPS functionality which is getting wider popularity now.

When technology advances, user experience within the GPS technology also improve. This will encourage you to implement this technology to your businesses.

  • Improved Logistics and Faster Transportation

Using GPS technology, there exists a good coordination between drivers and the dispatch team in real-time. This helps you to figure out the best route for having a faster trip without making delivery late. Also, you can accurately monitor whereabouts of the vehicle and accurately predict the expected time of delivery.

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  • Greater Employee Productivity and Management

GPS technology helps you to implement an organized procedure of dispatching fleets and planning schedules. As you can closely monitor the arrival of vehicles and availability of drivers, getting vehicle availability and other data becomes easier. Also, you can provide traffic advisories to your drivers for making vehicle driving convenient and risk free.

  • Construction and Development

Land surveying is an essential part of construction procedures. With the advent of GPS technology, surveying became easier and accurate. Therefore you not only reduce labor costs, but also increase accuracy in a matter of a few hours.

Introduction of GPS vehicle tracking system technology to your company is highly advantageous. You are able to enjoy benefits of increased customer satisfaction, fleet utilization and worker productivity. Apart from that, you can significantly reduce operating costs and diminish liabilities.

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