Bosch GPS Tracking – The Next Generation Tool for Success

Tuesday December 26, 2017


Bosch GPS tracker module arrived! Nevertheless, Bosch is known for creating powerful electronic tools and is the colossal supplier of automative components, which is disseminated all over the world.

For your information – Bosch GPS25-4 tracking module is available, which is adaptable or retrofit to the every existing Bosch SDS-Max hammers.

The newly introduced Bosch GSH27-26 Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer is having the tracking module as the standard equipment.

Bosch GPS Tracking – How It Works?

First and foremost, you will recognize that Bosch GPS tracking is a unique system, there is no other similar device.

This will obviously hush the usual queries, and the dominating one is, “ When will they have GPS?”, similar queries have been often confronted by techtronic industries such as Milwaukee Power Tools and DeWalt’s Tool Connect Systems.

What is the recent achievement in the industry? – Connecting the mesh network via the Bluetooth facility, which became successful and appreciated in the industry.

Meanwhile, the GPS tracking system is one of the preferred facility to track tools and assets.

What will be the reasons? Check it out:

1. Wide coverage area, there is no need to stay within a particular area for accessing the technology

2. Accurate and efficient

Nevertheless, the actual hurdle for installing Bosch GPS trackers is the power issue. GPS will swiftly drain batteries.

For instance, the Garmin watch confronts the similar issue. With the normal watch, you will have battery worth of around 5-7 days.

Modern fleet companies, hence consider twice to possess cordless devices.

As you always need to have a back up battery to replace the battery when it is dead, and is bulkier, while comparing it to corded models.

The above mentioned issue is, however resolved by the Bosch GPS tracker system, since it is inclined to manufacture corded models. Thus, the power issue is eliminated.

Furthermore, the newly introduced retrofit tracking module and breaker hammer operate on a lithium battery, which provide the capability to track over months and recharge them by plugging in.

Once, the GPS coverage capability fails, the chip will return to cell coverage.

Additional Merits

Bosch GPS tracking is not a tracker alone, it is aiming for a smart tool technology.

Moreover, the additional merits comprise the facility of non-working hour activation and unauthorized location alerts.

Based on the notification received via smartphone, you can implement immediate action without further delay.


Of course, you have witnessed how the apps from reputed manufacturers is freely available.

In case of Bosch GPS tracking, after 12 months of free tracking, you should pay $9.99 per month or $99 per year for continuing the tracking procedure.

Once the press release is issued, you will obtain the confirmed details regarding the costs.

For instance, it will be expensive for single tool, but when you have a crew with 500 tools, you will be able to prevent theft, recover assets swiftly, and enhance the profitability of the fleet business.

Strangely enough, Bosch GPS tracker can justify the purpose of upgrading your business.

Presumably, it will perfectly compliment other corded tools and add the value of the fleet business.

People will routinely check out the latest innovation and updates in the fleet industry and for sure, your final decision will be to install a Bosch GPS tracking module.

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