8 Popular Myths Concerning Vehicle Tracking Systems

Monday July 25, 2016


If you have ever decided to install a vehicle tracking system in your vehicle, you will get positive as well as negative responses regarding it. You may find so many common objections from your colleagues, once you decide to implement GPS tracking in your fleet.

Each of the following myths is based on the experience of actual users:

Myth 1: No need of GPS Tracking as you trust people

Most of us think that GPS tracking is all about monitoring employees’ move. Vehicle tracking system helps to reduce operating costs and inefficiencies in the field.

Also, using this system you can reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase routing and dispatching efficiency, provide safety and security for drivers, increase response speed and accuracy to customer queries.

Myth 2: If we install GPS, all employees will quit

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When you gain experience in using the system, all these beliefs prove wrong. As you start using vehicle tracking system, you can depend it on getting routing information, assistance in driving, verifying work performed etc.

The system completely eliminates your time consuming paperwork and also provides security when you travel on the road.

Myth 3: It is difficult to install and use vehicle tracking system

Basically, every vehicle tracking system consists of two components : a GPS receiver which is installed in the vehicle and a user interface that arrange and display gathered information. You can install and use these systems easily.

When you work with an experienced GPS tracking vendor, you will be able to:

1. Execute fleet management solution as easily as possible

2. Apply and elucidate system data to improve efficiency of your fleet operations

3. Provide expert technical as well as sales support to your service related issues

Myth 4: GPS tracking is irrelevant

Sometimes you may think that GPS tracking is unnecessary for you, as tracking can be done using cell phones or handheld.

Although it serves as an excellent communication tool, you may not get information such as real time vehicle location, engine status, travel history, mileage, fuel consumption, speeding etc. Also you cannot always depend on as cell phones can be turned off easily, damaged etc.

Myth 5: Installing GPS tracking system is too expensive

Most of us think that installing a GPS tracking system is expensive. But actually, it helps businesses to save a lot of unnecessary expenses due to excessive idling, inefficient routing, bad driving habits etc.

When tracking system is purchased on a monthly payment basis, you can attain a quicker return on your investment. This is because you can save money more than that you spent in the tracking system.

Myth 6: Tracking system is not suitable for small companies

This is a common misconception that you may hear from people. It will never become a waste for small companies to install vehicle tracking system, since it provides accurate knowledge and understanding of their vehicles in real time.

Thus, they can save fuel expenses, increase productivity and improve efficiency of the workforce.

Myth 7: Our Company is so busy, we don’t use a GPS tracking system

A GPS tracking system is perfect for a big company as you can better manage fleet activities and thus have an overall idea about what is happening in the field. When your organization becomes busy, it is necessary for you to have accurate information.

Using this information, you could ensure that money is not wasted unnecessarily, work is being done at the right time and customers are served efficiently.

For smooth functioning, business managers need to schedule properly and should keep track of every activities. Here vehicle tracking system seems valuable.

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Myth 8: GPS tracking system creates a barrier in manager-employee relationship

This is a completely wrong perception about tracking system. The system provides improved driver safety, improve dispatching, route scheduling, increase quality of service and reduce fleet cost.

All these benefits help to enhance employee productivity and thus reduce the complexity of fleet management.

Installing a GPS tracking system is becoming crucial day by day as there exists a consistent rise in the number of accidents, thefts, robbery etc.

All the above misconceptions have to be considered while purchasing a GPS tracking system and thus try to never fall victim to any of these misconceptions.