8 Reasons to Manage Your Fleet with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Thursday May 5, 2016


Managing a fleet of vehicles has become easier than ever before with the evolution of GPS vehicle tracking. GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System.

Today there exists no smart phone, tablet or computer without the integration of GPS tracking technology. You can find numerous apps which helps to get maps and transport information. In addition to this, fleet monitoring is also possible with GPS. Business managers can make use of such tracking systems to optimize transportation process and save money.

Here are eight reasons which show why you should manage your fleet with GPS vehicle tracking:

1. Monitoring of vehicles

With the help of GPS tracking system, you can easily monitor the location of your vehicle. This system is particularly useful for parents as they are able to track school bus and thus find out the location of children.

Whenever a car with GPS technology is stolen, one is able to track the current location of the car. Hence theft detection is also possible with the help of this technology. In the case of a company, they are able to track the location of the cab or transport bus of the employee.

2. Real time live tracking

Individual users can use this system to show their location to their family and friends in real-time. Business users use this system to manage their employees or to track them. It benefits customers as they are able to monitor their work constantly.

3. Find the exact distance to be covered

With a GPS vehicle tracking system, one can know the total distance to be covered in the journey. It also enables you to know how far you have reached and how much farther you are from the destination. The details regarding distance would be accurate since GPS use satellites to gather information.

4. Monitor the driving speed

One can easily monitor the driving speed of the running vehicles in the fleet with a GPS tracker. This will help to ensure whether the driver is driving too fast or too slow. Inefficient fuel consumption can be avoided by the GPS tracking and this indeed reduces fuel costs.

Violation of speed limits may lead to fines and sometimes to accidents. Vehicle tracking system can increase road safety and save money which may otherwise be spent on paying fines. GPS tracking helps drivers to run after the speed limit and thus drive efficiently with optimum utilization of fuel.

5. Helps in routing, provides route history

GPS vehicle tracking technology is an effective way to create more efficient routes. Through optimizing the routes, one can lower fuel costs and thus save money. With the help of GPS tracker, traffic jams are known earlier and thus can manage route accordingly.

Route history will help determine a lot of aspects such as efficiency, driving habits and alternative routes whenever there is a need.

6. Applying of Geo fence feature

This feature restricts the movement of GPS installed vehicle within a particular area. Geo fencing feature with the smart alarm system will be appropriate for this. It would be highly useful to parents as they get a warning if the child leaves a designated area.

With the help of Geo fencing, drivers are able to know work sites, drop off points, freeways, etc. It allows fleet managers to quickly retrieve stolen vehicles.

7. Tracking performance time

In the case of transport related companies, it is necessary to have details regarding departure and arrival of vehicles. These details help to efficiently plan and use the work force.

With the help of GPS trackers, taxi companies are able to inform their customers about the expected time of arrival. Many companies can monitor the exact time of arrival and departure of the fleet for delivering good quality customer service.

8. Assists in preparing reports

With the help of fleet management using GPS vehicle tracking, one is able to prepare standard reports about the trip. Trip reports record the details regarding distance covered, average speed, etc. These reports will be helpful for analyzing the efficiency of fleet management.

All the above reasons show why you should be using GPS vehicle tracking to manage your fleet.

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