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Pros and Cons of GPS Tracking

December 17th, 2018
Pros and Cons of GPS Tracking

Global Positioning System or GPS has come a very long way, from being a tool of the United States Defence, when they used it to spy on opponent armies, to being available and accessible in every other household by the general audience, worldwide.

It goes without saying that GPS technology has made navigation and tracking much more accessible than ever before. Moreover, with time, it has proven to be an excellent tool for military, civil and commercial users.

However, we should not forget to take into consideration the diverse ways of misusing the system. A pervasive example of which is illegally spying on someone leading to the unwanted invasion of one’s privacy.

According to an Unleash IBM Smarter Workforce Institute HR Practitioner survey, 84% of the surveyed HR professionals think that HR urgently requires assistance on the fair use and privacy of new and emerging data sources in workforce analysis.

Every technology breakthrough comes with its own positives and negatives, and GPS tracking is no exception. We bring you the most significant aspects of GPS that we consider a must-know for everybody around.

Go on reading to find out the pros and cons of GPS tracking technology-

Pros Of GPS Tracking

  1. Location-based service can be used for multiple purposes such as mapping, geocaching, fleet management, tracking children, pets and elderly, booking rental rides, fishing, and many other countless sectors.
  2. It also has government-operated applications including road maintenance, trash collection, ice management, street sweeping, security patrols, and road inspections. Also, remote monitoring and maintenance of municipal vehicles are nowadays done with the help of various GPS based software products.
  3. GPS signal is unbiasedly available all around the globe. Hence the user is not subject to deprive of the facility based upon national and international boundaries.
  4. During a trip, GPS helps in determining which route to take for time and fuel efficiency.
  5. When used to track children, it gives reassurance to both, children and parents. Kids find more freedom because knowing where they are (24*7) makes parents more comfortable about letting them go further.Knowing that their parents can locate them at any given moment can alleviate the immediate sense of panic that children feel when they realize they’re lost.A go-to tool to let your family be aware of your whereabouts during a specific trip is – easy to access “Share location until you arrive” feature of Google Maps.
  6. GPS tech is our go-to tool to relocate mobile phones in case of loss or theft. It also makes it easier for ambulance and police services to track individuals in case of emergency.The Google Find My Device app has made it easier than ever to find your lost GPS enabled smartphone.
  7. With GPS, the fleet drivers easily navigate through unfamiliar neighborhoods, doubtlessly. This also helps in fuel and time saving.The employer can track all the activities of a employee. This whole information helps the organization to keep employer-employee relation more transparent in overall money saving.
  8. If you are a delivery service provider, then GPS is the best customer-comprehensive tool for your company.It makes your organization more interactive with the customer, as you can provide them live location updates and expected the delivery time of the product they ordered.This eventually increases customer satisfaction and your goodwill vis-à-vis competition.

Cons of GPS Tracking

  1. GPS system being network dependent stops working in remote areas where satellite-communication is not accessible.Individuals (fleet driver or trekker, to take a typical example) who frequently have to commute to such areas cannot forgo maps entirely.
  2. It can’t be relied upon much when you encounter underwater and underground situations. Signals are also affected by large buildings.
  3. GPS maps may not always be updated. If the road you have to travel through may be inaccessible for reconstruction purposes or there might be some new shortcut to your destination, you never know if the GPS is updated about them yet, or not.
  4. GPS installation is an expensive investment, and it comes with added expenses of data plans, server operations, advanced software.
  5. Similarly, when kids acknowledge that they’re being tracked, they might feel that their parents do not trust them.There’s also a possibility that kids do not learn to be independent and safe on their own, as they feel much protected by their parents.
  6. GPS tracking devices could easily be used for stalking purposes, either by criminals or someone from the acquaintance. This clearly is inappropriate, illegal invasion of one’s privacy.
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