Creating an Excellent Fleet Management Team – Essential Measures

Wednesday February 28, 2018


Issues are the same for both the owner of large countrywide operating fleet vehicles or cab services limited to local territories.

Management of time and route of these vehicles is the first and foremost issue to be tackled. The magnitude of the issue alone varies depending on the number of vehicles in the fleet, industry concerns, and regional regulations.

Certain factors need to be considered before the creation of a fleet management team:

1. Analyze the Need and Functioning of the Department

Perhaps, this might be the first question that pops up in your mind when considering setting up of a fleet management crew. Fleet managements are essential even if your fleet consists as low as two vehicles.

Let’s take a view.

Fleet management systems serve to plan routes efficiently thus reaching the customers on time.

It also helps in fuel management, driver behavior monitoring etc. to name a few.

Even from a fleet of two vehicles, with a good fleet management system, chances are plenty for you to grow it to a business empire.

Fleet management systems are now available at various costs and features. Once you have fixed the need and budget, do a small survey to find the best one which suits you.

Consider future up gradation and addition of vehicles when you make the purchase. GPS tracker systems are now integrated WiFi, internet, PUSH, email and RFID facilities so as to benefit the customers.

2. Personnel and Skills Needed

Are you worried about the installation costs and personnel skills needed to manage the fleet management system?

Remove those unwanted concerns. Fleet management systems are easier to learn and manage just like a smartphone. It’s not a hard task and you can train your drivers within no time.

They actually escalate the efficiency of the employees by assisting them in their day to day tasks. Maintenance of vehicles, route optimization, and planning can never be easier to such extent.

3. Budget, Cost and Features

As told before, these systems do integrate most of the modern facilities of data transmission.

It is important to finalize which of these you would prefer.

For example, in school buses, it will be advantageous for a GPS vehicle tracker to have RFID scanner facilities too in order to facilitate the use of RFID enabled student Identification tags.

Similarly, those with PUSH notification facility can send messages about boarding or dropping of a student at fixed destinations to parents.

Parent s need not log into the app to see the message and ease their concerns. Once you have selected the features, it is important to consider the cost of the device.

Generally they cost somewhere between $19- $ 199 for vehicle tracking. Lower end equipment are available with a monthly user fee. One time investment is also an option.

Fleet management software pricing can range from $3 -$5 per vehicle per month. With more advanced technological features queued up, the cost can rise a little further.

The choice of an appropriate fleet management system however depends not only on cost and technology, but your willingness to give your business the update it needs.

Technological inventions have long replaced the way and manner in which we conduct business from the past. And this applies for vehicle services too.

To Wrap It Up

Safety of the customers is of paramount importance in this era. This can be easily met using a GPS tracking system.

Fuel and oil prices are soaring high and every drop needs to be conserved. A fleet management team that can handle the system is the solution for it.

Vehicle repairs and garage visits can drain your assets. This too can be avoided by fleet management software.  Wise decisions made at the right time bring in fortunes.

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