Preventing Tyre Burst in Qatar During Summer

Thursday March 21, 2019


Only the tyres know how fierce the summer season is in Qatar. Riding through the red-hot roads are really a tough row to hoe.

The scorchingsummer in Qatar can blow up your vehicle tyresnow and again;It can be prevented largely by checking and maintaining the tyre pressure adequately.

In Qatar, summer begins in June and often ends in September. And this period is like a nightmare for every motorist. They have to tussle with many hurdlessuch as bursting tyre, sun burn and wear and tear.

However, checking your car’s condition, especially the status of tyres in this hot season can ensure safety and reduce the accident rate enormously…

Audi Qatar’s safety experts opine that even a car check can avoid accidents.

Based on the news reported last year in Qatar, a man was fined a huge amount of QR270, 000 for his negligence in checking tyres, which resulted in an accident due to tyre burst.

One person died and others were injured in this incident. In the criminal court, this man was also charged with the case of injuring passengers and causing danger to other people’s lives.

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What makes the tyres to burst in summer?

The Black tar on the road will absorb more heat, making the roads hot and this will heat up the tyrespretty quickly.

The heat that comes from the blazing road surface can result in expansion of gas in the tyres. With the rise in temperature, airpressure also increases and make the tyres burst. Thus it lead to accidents and even death.

Here’s how you can prevent tyres bursting in this fiery temperature

Regular checking of tyre’s condition helps.

Safety experts says, routine checking of your vehicle tyre is critical during hot summer season.Before planning a long journey, it is crucial for motorists to check your tyre’s state as well as expiry date. Old as well as worn-out tyres may burst during summer.

  • Quality tyres can prevent accidents to a great extent. Replace the expired ones with certified tyres from top promising brand manufacturers.
  • Do not use tyres five years after the date of manufacturer. According to the UAE rules, tyres of passenger cars have to be sold in 2 years of the expiry date and have to be changed in 5 years of the date.
  • While checking tyres for yearly vehicles re-registration, make sure to check alignment, pressure as well as balance.
  • Vibration that happens through the vehicle or through its steering wheel can be symptom of your tyre’s defect. Fixingtyre balance is critical for the overall performance of your vehicle.
  • Never overload your vehicle, as it can add to tyre wear and can impact your vehicle handling capability
  • Tyre alignment can be checked by watching the wheel’s angles and whether your vehicle is moving to one side even if you are driving correct. Take the help of a professional, if you are not familiar with this.

Check tyre pressure before you start.

Check what is the maximum pressure that your vehicle’s tyre can bear? Your car’s manual or manufacturer recommendations will have those details.

During summer season, do not fill your tyre’s air completely. Make sure you maintain the air limit to a safe degree.. You can even consider a professional to do this to enjoy a safe ride.

  • At least once in two weeks, check the tyre pressure, as it can lose pressure on its own when you are not using the vehicle.
  • Also check the tyre pressure when the car was not used for at least two hours.

Rotate tyres on a regular basis

Motorist must remember to rotate their car tyres at regular intervals based on the recommendations from their car manufacturers. Consider rotating tyres every 8000 to1000km, which helps to maintain the recommended pressure for tyres, resulting in reduced chances of a tyre burst. Many workshops offer this service for free.

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6 Signs to Replace Your Car Tyre

Keep an eye on these signs that shows that your vehicle tyre required to be replaced.

  1. Check if the warning light of your tyre is on. For the latest car models, pressure warning facility will be available in tyres, which makes it easier to check your tyre’s condition.
  2. Check whether your indicator highlights a “U”, followed by an exclamation in the middle area. If so, it is quite clear that one of the tyres in your car has only less air than what is normally needed.
  3. To drive safe, check the tread depth of your tyres. With long-term use and in contact with the burning road, tread of this tyre may melt, resulting in flat tyres.
  4. Check whether there is any crack on your vehicle tyre sides, which can be a symptom for leakage of air and a tyre burst in the future.
  5. Any swelling or lump in the outer portion of your tyre also shows a sign that your tyre may burst.
  6. Tread wear indicator (TWI) visually indicates your tyre wear. Continental, a leader in car technology has recommended replacing the tyre if the tread depth is 3mm in summer and in winter it is 4mm. Wet grip performance will get reduced in summer. In its report Khaleej Times has also recommended to replace the tyres which have reached 3mm in depth.

Keep these points in mind, even if you are buying a used car in Qatar.

Tips from Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) to Prevent Any such Summer Vehicle Accidents

DOHA NEWS has published certain tips from the Ministry of Interior to prevent cars from catching on fire during summer, which include

  • Gas leaks are of great concern. Fuel tanks should be checked at regular intervals
  • Vehicles must be taken for intermittent maintenance
  • Make sure that there is no damage in electrical wiring
  • Never park your vehicles close to any combustible supplies or even generators
  • Avoid smoking at the petrol pump as well as inside the vehicle
  • Before you start riding, check your car’s engine and tyres and bottom
  • Equip your vehicle with a fire extinguisher to avoid fire

Also it has been recommended not to leave your cars running unattended for long periods of time.

In case of a tyre burst

  • Avoid steering in to any direction and hold it tight
  • Slow down the vehicle by leaving the accelerator, this starts the speed reduction process
  • Emergency lights can help others realize that they should slow down and should not overtake your vehicle
  • Very slowly gear your brake down, which helps to avoid any accidents
  • Show signal and slowly turn aside once the speed is down. Take gentle steps and do not act fast

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Hope this helps you to stay alert in preventing tyrebursts during hot summer season in Qatar. There are a lot more to steer clear of any tyre issues on the road. However, these lists of information are far enough to take care of it.

Have a happy summer journey.

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