What are the Consequences of Hard Braking

Friday December 8, 2017


Harsh braking is established to be one of the undesirable driving behaviors, which endangers one’s own safety and the safety of others.

Apart from this, harsh braking affects your business reputation and credibility. At times, it damages or wears down the essential vehicle parts swiftly and thereby upsurge the down time.

Meanwhile, you can ascertain the adverse effects of harsh braking and recognize the need to monitor it and evade such undesirable driving behavior in the future. Let’s have a glimpse of the consequences of harsh braking:

Increased Risk for Accidents

Of course, abrupt stops by the vehicle in front of yours, dangerous turns or lane changes, and strolling of animals on the roads is established to be the dominant reasons for harsh braking. Ordinarily, harsh braking occurs while tailgating, which dwindles the reaction time.

Nevertheless, the total stopping distance is determined by the travelling speed. When the speed of the vehicle increases, the stopping distance will also be increased accordingly. However, the total stopping time and distance comprise the factors such as reaction, perception, and braking times.

1. Perception time: the perception time for warning drivers is approximately 3/4 of a second. At that time, a truck estimated to travel a distance of 60 feet at a speed of 55 mph

2. Reaction time: the reaction time is approximately 3/4 of a second, which adds an extra 60 feet distance at a speed of 55 mph

3. Braking time: The braking time required for a vehicle travelling at a speed of 55 mph is 4 seconds and estimated to cover a distance of 390 feet.

Consequently, the total stopping time required for a truck travelling at a speed of 55 mph is approximately 6 seconds and is estimated to cover a total distance of 510 feet.

In accordance to the reports, it is evident that the multitude of truck accidents is emanated by the collision with the vehicle ahead of theirs. Hence, it is wise to maintain a minimum distance for avoiding futile hazards.

Extra Maintenance, Replacement and Repair Expenses

 If a driver constantly applies harsh braking, it will certainly demand extra care for tires, shock absorbers, brakes, and springs. Presumably, this driver created situation will negatively affect the fleet safety and accrue the maintenance expenses. However, the harsh braking causes considerable impairment to brakes and tires.

1. Brakes

 Harsh braking intends to lessen the operational efficiency of the braking system and equipment life. Furthermore, harsh braking leads to overheating of the brakes. This heat will be remain trapped, thereby impairing the brake pads and at times rotors will be distorted.

2. Tires

 Tire tread wear strictly depends on the performance of a driver. Similar to other belligerent driving behaviors, harsh braking results in the swift wear down of tire tread. Arguably, it can adversely affect the tire performance, thereby reducing the tire life.

Reduced Compliance, Security, and Accountability Ranking

The purpose of every fleet business is to enhance the overall fleet safety. And, in order to accomplish this goal, the data will be obtained from diverse sources such as vehicle inspection reports, registration details, accident reports, and investigation reports.

Both fleet companies and drivers can be equally responsible for accidents and hence it is wise to convince them regarding the safety concerns before leading to negative consequences.

As a matter of fact, harsh braking is categorized as dangerous and unsafe driving practice as per the Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC).

On the other hand, a high score in this category will be a Herculean task for you. And hence to maintain an exceptional reputation among customers and competitors, it is desirable to follow certain safety policies.

Otherwise, you will be compelled to pay heavy penalties and endure downtime. However, seeking the support of GPS tracking system is an excellent remedy, as it assists you to impede unnecessary cataclysms.

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