5 Tips for Planning Fleet Maintenance Effectively

Friday October 13, 2017


Every fleet manager dreams for enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced vehicle breakdowns. The only solution to accomplish these objectives is to perform fleet maintenance routinely. But, have you given greater priority to fleet maintenance?

As a matter of fact, by properly maintaining the vehicles, you will be able to improve its life expectancy and fuel efficiency. However, fleet officials ignore the maintenance, as their prime focus is on running the business effectively.

Let’s peek into certain tips for planning fleet maintenance effectively:

1. Bestow maintenance responsibility to an authorised person

 It is wise to bestow vehicle maintenance responsibility to an authorised person,  and hence everyone can perform their duty peacefully.

And, you should inform the other staffs regarding the person in charge for vehicle maintenance. Otherwise, people will assume that the other person is responsible for checking the maintenance concerns.

Nevertheless, it is desirable to appoint a driver in charge of your vehicles, after all they possess paramount knowledge on managing and controlling fleets efficiently.

And, this decision will be strictly based on fleets and is suitable to attribute the maintenance responsibility to a whole system.

2. Design a vehicle maintenance checklist

 Creating a checklist is an excellent solution for avoiding the neglect towards the essential tasks involved in vehicle maintenance. Here follows a checklist that becomes valuable, while performing vehicle maintenance:

Check all major systems (including braking system, auxiliary system, fuel system, and exhaust system)

i. Inspect the cabin comfort systems

ii. Examine rims, wheels, and tires (rotate tires)

iii. Check the vehicle fluids

iv. Inspect the interior and exterior lights

v. Test the frame and undercarriage

vi. Examine the safety measures such as seat belts, horns, etc.

vii. Check the leaks

viii. Inspect the vehicle mounts

ix. Examine Cardan shaft, constant velocity joints (CV joints), belts, and hoses

x. Add fuel injector cleaner to fuel

xi. Clean the vehicle battery connections

xii. Rinse off the air conditioner condenser

xii. Wipe the plastic headlight to ensure improved visibility

xiv. Replace the oxygen sensors, PCV valve, distributor cap and rotor

3. Incorporate preventative maintenance in the fleet schedule

 Awaiting the vehicle breakdown to conduct vehicle maintenance is absolutely ridiculous. And, this can lead to additional expenses in the form of unexpected repair costs. Hence, it is wise to avoid it and thereby, schedule preventative maintenance.

Meanwhile, you can seek professionals to check the wear and tear, which become a leading reason for the future vehicle breakdowns. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your fleet issues are rectified before it becomes an enormous concern in your business.

4. Adopt technology

 For performing vehicle maintenance properly, you should attain accurate fleet data at the right time. Consequently, modern tracking software has the facility to provide mileage reports and budgetary reports.

With the advent of fleet management software, all the paperwork will be transformed into digital files, which can be comfortably handled and saved.

Moreover, the modern tracking system enables you to receive real-time alerts, whenever it’s time to perform maintenance.

5. Seek the driver’s opinion to implement new practices

 In case of vehicle fleets, drivers are the reliable person to inquire, you can ask them what is needed for managing vehicles properly. In addition to this, you can also consider the expert opinion of maintenance professionals and thus create a maintenance plan suitable for your fleet business.

However, by adopting a team approach, you will be able to enhance the conformity and efficacy of your vehicle fleet maintenance.

Final Thoughts

In short, vehicle maintenance is indeed a part of effective vehicle fleet management. And, with the modern GPS trackers, you will be able to receive real-time maintenance alerts and reports for ameliorating your fleet business.

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