How is GPS Used in Qatar Military

Monday April 23, 2018


The Qatar armed forces also known as the military forces of Qatar are renowned for its advancement in the field of military.

GPS is one of the prime developments that are exploited by the army to gain an upper hand. GPS is used for many purposes in the Qatar military.

It helps soldiers navigate and more. GPS is a network of satellites orbiting the earth and which is connected to each other.

Using a process called trilateration ; GPS receiver can find out your location and help to navigate from one place to another.

To locate people in need, GPS systems are used by the Qatar military regularly while they are out in the field.

Global Positioning System (GPS) has proved to be an invaluable tool for Qatar military in its operations.

Let us have a look at how GPS is used in the military service.

1. Navigation

One of the most used purposes for GPS is for simple navigation.

For instance the army might be out in the desert where there aren’t much landmarks to mark the route.

The lack of distinguishable features in barren lands can be of difficulty to the army while they are carrying out an operation.

In case of lack visibility due to heavy rain or a sandstorm, GPS can be a lifesaver.

From high flying jet planes to submarines in the sea, all of them rely upon GPS to know their exact location which is very important.

Moreover if there is tense situation GPS can also be used to know the enemy’s exact location.

2. Mapping

There is an added advantage for using maps and compasses in the GPS tracking system.

The military may be equipped with handheld devices or fully loaded satellite dishes in mobile units.

They are used to map the surroundings and to plan the route to be taken.

Updated maps can be quickly supplied to all relevant parties by having it all digitalized.

Routes through foreign cities can be charted, bases mapped, mark points, etc. When the points are accurately marked every piece of equipment is easily accessible to the soldiers.

3. Guiding Missiles

It is important to guide the missiles in the right destination. You wouldn’t want to hit the wrong target.

With GPS technology it is possible to guide the missile to the predefined location. This means less civilian causality and fewer missiles to undertake the task.

Missiles can be self guided using GPS, and can be launched from several miles away from the target.

This ensures that soldiers needn’t be close to the field of action. In the olden days all this had to be done manually and was much more risky for the soldiers on the ground.

4. Rescue

Another usage of GPS is for rescuing soldiers and civilians. If they have a beacon on them it is possible to locate them no matter where they are.

This could be life saving in situation like a sunken ship or a plane that has crash landed. GPS enables to find out the precise location of the casualty and helps to send a rescue team in time.

5. Tracking

GPS can be used for tracking vehicles or people. GPS trackers when adorned by soldiers can help to track the movements of them and regularly update their current location.

Planes, ships, ground vehicles and other mobile can be located using GPS. Tracking helps to co-ordinate the different actions of each unit. This comes handy while an operation is being carried out.

6. Communicated Network Timing

Network timing can be communicated with each other with the use of a positioning system. Time is an important factor to the military. When an operation is carried out right timing is very important.

GPS helps to bring precise timing to the operations and communicate the exact time to the different units of the Qatar military.

Concluding Thoughts

The Qatar military is advancing in terms of technology. High tech weaponry is used by various countries in their military.

GPS is one such technology that is inevitable to today’s army.

All the weapons might not be enough to fight terrorism but technologies like GPS has given an upper hand against terrorists.

GPS provides critical positioning capabilities to commercial, civil, and military users around the world. GPS is part of a change that increased precision and reduced casualties.

Not only has it helped the military, it has also helped to save civilians which are one of the duties of the military.