The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of GPS Tracking in Hospitality Industry

Tuesday March 7, 2017


The implementation of GPS tracking system in vehicles for public use can be considered as a revolutionary step, especially in the hospitality sector.

Installation of a GPS tracking unit helps the vehicle to be located accurately in case of emergency. Apart from this superficial benefit, there are many more hidden benefits to be added to the list of advantages.

1. Reputation

With the GPS tracking unit, the employer can find the nearest cab to the place of request and assign it immediately for the task. It will save considerable time for the drivers in finding the pickup place.

With such prompt services, reputation of the firm is surely going to increase, which will in turn be a boost to the company’s finances. Apart from this, word of mouth publicity from the users will add up to your reputation. This will save your advertising costs too.

2. Ratings

Client satisfaction and good reputation can add the stars in your reviews. Most of the customers now rely on ratings and reviews before choosing the mode of travel and cab services. An increased consumer base can thus be achieved from a pool of good stars.

Conversely, having negative reviews with low stars can be disastrous for the business. GPS tracking systems can always help you to deliver quality service, which can translate to a steady source of income and a goodwill which cannot be lost with negative critics.

3. Prompt place in Google search list

With increased ratings and reputation, obviously, the firm’s name is going to be placed in the first page of the Google search list and this will pull in more customers who are otherwise not bothered enough to check on the reviews.

Most of the time, users never bother to check the later pages on the search list when they want the cabs in a hurry. So without ratings and good reviews, it will be fairly tough for your business to be noticed.

4. Fuel savings

With a GPS tracking system, you can find alternative routes to the destination in cases of heavy traffic. This saves time as well as cost of fuel that you would have been spending on an idling vehicle in busy traffic. Vehicle maintenance cost can also be decreased since a lot of stressful rash driving can be avoided.

5. Find Investors with ease

With shorter routes and stress free rides, the fuel cost is going to decrease considerably, which will increase your profit margins. With a good balance sheet, your firm can find investors easily for further expansion of business. Prompt loan approvals also need to have good balance sheets.

6. Service can be extended for longer distances/ far destinations

A GPS unit in vehicle allows you to employ anyone with a good reputation, not necessarily from the local pool. Also, one need not know all the routes of the city. This gives scope for wider and far locations and destinations.

7. Customer safety Assurance

Customers can be assured of their safety since live tracking is possible and the vehicle whereabouts can be monitored easily.

8. Employee behavior can be monitored

Erratic behavior and rash driving can be noted in an instant by the employer. The driving distances and fuel usage can also be rechecked with the GPS data to dissuade any tendency for fraud among employees.

9. Legal hassles can be avoided

Usually, the employer will not be aware of driver misbehavior until something serious happens. This can cause a lot of trouble for the employer especially in terms of legal hurdles.

It can also damage the goodwill and reputation of the firm. With a careful scrutiny of the GPS records, erroneous drivers can be identified at the earliest by the employer and such persons can be warned or removed from employment.

10. Reach Globally

GPS tracking system can work anywhere in the world. The installation is simple and the unit is easy to operate. A global outreach is far easier with such systems when it can be monitored from anywhere in the world and a global presence can pull in more customers for the ride.

If you are running a hospitality business like a hotel, resort, or tour operator based in Qatar, you can gain these benefits by installing GPS-based tracking system  in your vehicle fleet.