Why Installing GPS trackers is Beneficial for Firefighters

Friday August 25, 2017


How to transform a business into a smart one? Searching for a tool? No doubt, your search ends in the GPS vehicle tracking system. As a matter of fact, the tracking system revolutionized the business world.

Whatever the business type may be – school transportation, product delivery business, mining industry, medical services, or other fleet related business. And, with the support of GPS trackers, businesses became efficient, secure, and successful.

Nevertheless, with the realization of the benefits of a tracking system, even the Government department intends to implement the GPS technology for delivering a superior customer service.

As a result, Fire Control Department, a vital wing of the Government, plans to install GPS tracking devices for providing timely fire control services to customers.

How GPS tracking system supports fire fighters?

Today, the fire safety department utilizes the GPS tracking units for improving their overall efficiency. With the data obtained from the system, an accurate map can be created of the fire’s perimeter.

And, henceforth you can realize the extent of fire, which assists you to bunch up relevant resources, create an efficient rescue plan, and ensure their personal safety.

Apart from this, the fire safety crew can call in additional firefighters if the situation demands it, and GPS trackers determine the location of each fire-fighter and reach them without further delay.

Therefore, GPS tracking system supports firefighters by mapping the fire, guiding rescue efforts, locating and leading fire personnel to the hotspot, and send further assistance to the right location.

Lets checkout the reasons indicating why it is desirable to install the tracking devices in fire force vehicles:

1. Enhanced communication and vehicle tracking

 Ordinarily, fire fighting involves tremendous risk and hence you need to depend on each crew member for avoiding a fiasco. Presumably, poor communication can lead to serious injuries and accidents.

Meanwhile, the implementation of GPS trackers can lower the risk of accidents and other related calamities. Exclaiming how? In case of wildfire or brush fire, there is a chance for the firefighters to drive astray. This is due to visibility issues and lack of sufficient landmarks.

 Consequently, when firefighters and fire trucks utilize tracking devices, the authorities will be able to track their workers and increase the recovery chances in case they are lost or fire turns out of control.

2. Automated tracking of response time

 Routing is a concern for every department. For the sake of avoiding a disaster, the fire crew should be able to reach the destination without any lag.

By utilizing the GPS tracking device, you will be able to attain the appropriate route and there is a facility to record response time. With the modern fleet management software, you can view the response time, compare the speed of service delivery, and improve in the future.

3. Automated routing

 Tracking fire trucks assist the fire safety officials to send the required equipment to the location at the right time. The ultimate goal of the fire safety crew is to reach the target location immediately.

With the support of a GPS tracking device,  you will be able to identify the areas having heavy traffic and determine the route that let you reach the location instantly.

4. Track the duration of fire recovery

 Although tracking of fire recovery duration doesn’t create a significant difference, it can be beneficial for analyzing the skills of fire firefighters and thereby, enhance their future efforts.

 In short, the technology is undergoing continuous improvement and development, and hence one can expect greater assistance to fire safety officials in the future. However, embracing  new technological developments enhances the protection of individuals against fire disasters.

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