4 Best Vehicle Insurance Companies in Qatar

Thursday December 13, 2018


Vehicle insurance should be chosen as wisely as choosing the vehicle itself.  So here’s a list of the top four Vehicle Insurance Companies in Qatar, helping you narrow down your choices to the one that brings you the most conveniences.

1. Qatar Insurance Company

QIC offers instant car insurance policy and renewal online.

Also, claims can be filed online from anywhere.

Offline claim filing is hassle-free too, with minimal paperwork done in one place at once.

Its Workshop Rating Program includes nearly all workshops and garages around Qatar.

It provides comprehensive coverage and a wide range of add-ons.

Connect with QIC-

Click Here to see Official Website

Contact number – 8000742

2. Libano Suisse Insurance

Libano Suisse offers instant online claim registration ensuring an easy, hassle-free experience.

It presents a wide range of policy options to choose from.

Their special “Orange card” is a unified insurance plan applicable in multiple Arab countries (including Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Algeria, and Morocco.)

Connect with Libano Suisse-

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Contact number – (961) 1374900

3. Arabia Insurance Company

AIC is a well-established pan Arab company that has an extended experience of more than 70 years in insurance services.

It offers coverage-combinations at the most affordable prices.

AIC is efficiently active on the top social networks to stand nearer to its customers and be more responsive.

However, it doesn’t offer online services, and its website content is a bit limited.

Connect with Arabia Insurance company-

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Contact number – +974 4442 2682

4. Doha Insurance Company

Although DIC is one of the newest companies to offer insurance policies, they have high growth rates and stakeholder interests.

They have two carefully devised vehicle insurance policies to propose, the Motor Compulsory Insurance (third party insurance) and the Motor Comprehensive Insurance (full insurance covering vehicular damage, injuries of passengers and third party liabilities).

They offer online access to registration for insurance and reinsurance and claim-filing.

Connect with Doha Insurance company-

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Contact number – (+974) 44292777

Why vehicle insurance is important?

Well, if you’re here, reading this article, then it seems a little obvious that keeping insurance for your belongings holds importance for you.

Even so, going through the reasons again ensures you haven’t missed any, and also makes you more contented with your decision of going for insurance.

So let’s get them listed! a comprehensive vehicle insurance –

  • Cover your liability for third-party damages.
  • Cover you for any vehicular damage.
  • Pays for the repair/replacement cost required to reinstate your vehicle in the same good condition as it was before a vehicular accident.
  • Pay for hospitalization to the driver and the passengers for any personal injury sustained as a result of any vehicular accident.
  • Protect from loss arising due to legal action and any Legal Liability that may occur due to accidental damages caused to any property or person because of your vehicle.
  • Provide financial support in case of theft, vandalism or destruction due to the fire of the vehicle.
  • Compensate your family after your demise due to any vehicular accident.

And above all, it is lawfully mandatory in Qatar to have insurance registered for vehicles at least 12 months before buying any.

Driving without valid car insurance is an illegal action which is penalized.

What to keep in mind before buying vehicle insurance?

  • Third-party insurance is mandatory.
    It covers damages caused to any third person, vehicle or property due to your car.
  • Comprehensive insurance should be bought to cover personal injuries and damages to your vehicle.
  • Additional covers (like Engine protection cover, Consumables cover, Return to invoice, No-claim Bonus (NCB) protection cover) should be carefully selected according to your risk profile.
  • Personal Accident cover should be availed to ensure adequate protection during a physical loss.
    It can be applied to the passengers as well, according to the seating capacity of the vehicle.
  • • Buying insurance from the same company for all your cars (bundled insurance) helps save money.

What will I need to get a quote from an insurance company?

Apart from the choice of the type of cover, you require, here’s what you should have before shopping around for any policy-

• Details of the driver

• The make, model, registration number and year of manufacture of the vehicle

• The current value of your vehicle

• Number of years of no-claims discount you’ve accrued

• Place where the vehicle is kept when not in use

• What you use the vehicle for (business, commuting or domestic use)

• Estimated annual mileage of the vehicle

• Details of all claims or convictions you’ve had over the past three years

• The details of any claims you have made (with dates)

• Your full address

• Full details of any alarms or immobilizers installed in the car