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How Can GPS Tracking System Aid Your Refrigerated Trucks

October 24th, 2017
How Can GPS Tracking System Aid Your Refrigerated Trucks

Transporting perishable goods is an enormous challenge for fleet managers. However, the cargo should be transported at distinct temperatures and delivered at the right time without much delay.

Even a minute delay can result in the loss of consignment. And, it doubles the costs involved, which is due to damaged goods, re delivery, and credibility or reputation loss.

Nevertheless, the solution is already found- real-time trailer temperature monitoring system, which can be attached to the cargo. Here follows the benefits associated with the GPS tracking system:

1. Temperature Control

Refrigerated trucks are created with a preset temperature, but there are several other factors that negatively affect the business. When a GPS tracking system is linked with temperature monitoring system, dispatchers will be able to monitor the refrigerated units and set the unit up suitable for delivery.

Temperature data provide comprehensive and minute details regarding the vehicle’s temperature. And once it is integrated with the GPS fleet tracking system, you will be able to determine the temperature variations and the period at which the variation occurred.

However, two benefits can be accomplished by obtaining temperature history. They will be as follows:

1. Rejection of temperature dependent loads

2. Impart information to clients regarding the set point, run mode, and delivery temperature.

2. Settling Problems Before it Becomes Demanding One

GPS alert notifies you regarding the prevalent vehicle related concerns that ranges from engine to driver performance issues. At times, alerts can save the cargo. And, it can be set for:

i. Temperature fluctuations when it exceeds the predetermined range

ii. Power failure

iii. Temperature status

iv. Container door opens before reaching the destination

v. Unscheduled stops

vi. Route diversion

Alerts provide a warning to act wisely on crucial situations before it becomes a major issue. Once the alert is received, you will be able to handle adverse situations.

3. Operational Efficiency

As a result of temperature sensitivity, perishables will be spoiled swiftly, especially due to their limited shelf life. Hence, efficient routing and evasion of traffic delays is essential for a refrigerated truck. With the support of a fleet tracking system, you will be able to relish the advanced features that assists you to reach the destination on time.

Route Optimization

With this feature of the tracking software, you will be able to select the appropriate route for the trip. Route optimization feature assists you to manage multiple deliveries in a single route, order intermediate deliveries, and discover the shortest route.

However, this feature allows the dispatchers and drivers to determine the location of school zones, avoid areas with traffic congestion and road construction. And, thus modify the routes accordingly.

Rank driver performance

 Exceptional driving habits will result in enhanced security, profitability, and productivity. A GPS vehicle tracking system enables you to monitor the driver activities, rank the drivers in accordance with their performance, and reward those drivers, who display the safe driving behavior.

Moreover, by tracking driver performance, you will be able to ascertain the following details:

i. Excessive vehicle idling

ii. Unapproved vehicle utilization

iii. Driving practices that lead to over fuel consumption

iv. Route diversion

v. Threatening driving habits

In addition to this, driver productivity can be augmented by identifying the vehicle start and stop times. As a result of this, you will be able to recognize the drivers who arrive late for duty or take extended breaks.

4. Monitor Status of Refrigerator and Compartment Door

Temperature monitoring can consequently be linked with the refrigerator’s status and the compartment door’s position. At times, drivers will leave the compartment door open carelessly, but this causes the blower to force the cold air out and suck the warm air inside.

Apart from that, it will adversely affect the product safety, doubles the effort of refrigerator unit, and thus increases your overall expenses. With the GPS tracking system, all the above concerns can be resolved as you receive instant alerts for every unfavorable circumstance.

5. Timely Maintenance of Reefer Trailers

 One of the major issues associated with a refrigerated truck is the reefer unit break down. But however this can be prevented since the GPS tracking system provides instant alerts whenever the maintenance date approaches.

In fact, the refrigerated trucks are essential as it is the only way to transport perishable goods from one place to another. Hence, it is wise to install the GPS vehicle tracking system in reefer trailers and take adequate precautions for dreadful situations.

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