How can You Recover Stolen Assets with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Tuesday August 16, 2016


Vehicle thefts are a huge issue in the business world. Construction fleets are the most common target for theft and hence there is a significant challenge for the industry. But today there are several types of vehicle recovery system that will help you find out the location of stolen assets and recover it.

Importance of GPS Technology

GPS vehicle tracking technology is an excellent solution for recovering your stolen assets. Now, you can keep track of vehicles and equipment to reduce theft. You may wonder why construction fleets are a target for thefts.

This is because such vehicles are left alone for longer periods of time and sometimes in remote areas. Also, GPS vehicle tracking system helps to gain visibility on the vehicles and equipment on job sites.

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With the help of technology, exact location of the asset can be identified, recover it and thus prevent the loss caused by it.

Construction fleets are making use of GPS vehicle tracking system’s alerting capabilities to monitor activity during odd hours, vehicle or equipment leaves the jobsite’s geofence and vehicle’s alarm system is active.

Here are the ways by which the GPS vehicle tracking system helps in recovering stolen assets:

1. Monitor activity during odd hours

Your vehicle or equipment needs monitoring during those hours when it is left alone as it is the most likely time for theft to occur. Hence you can set custom times of day when vehicles are not deployed for work purposes.

If you receive alerts that your vehicle is moving during odd hours, then it means your vehicle is being stolen. This helps you to take action immediately and increase chances of recovering the vehicle.

2. Setup Geofences around jobsites

Using a GPS tracking system, you can create geofences ( geofencing area can be fixed based on your requirement) that enables you to find out whether your vehicle is moving in or out of the job site or not.

If an equipment of yours, moves out of the jobsite quite earlier than scheduled time, then raises a red flag and you will instantly be able to receive alert regarding it.

When you receive such a geofence alert, you can ensure the equipment’s status by contacting the field supervisor of your company.

This helps a supervisor to know whether the equipment is stolen or not and thus notify the concerned authorities to take immediate action.

3. Receive alert if vehicle alarms are activated

Most of the construction fleets prefer aftermarket alarm systems over OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) alarms. This is because OEM alarms are less reliable, easy to meddle with and thus thieves can disable it easily. All they need to do is remove a fuse or disconnect a wire.

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Aftermarket alarm system is less susceptible to tampering you compare it with OEM alarms. Also, it can be integrated with GPS tracking system and you will be able to receive alerts when the alarm is set off.

You will be able to check the vehicle status whenever you need. You will get notified when the alarm is triggered and thus you can report the location of theft to relevant authorities and recover it as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

Installing a GPS tracking system is useful for every type of companies, although construction industries are the common theft target. With the system, you will be able to make prompt recovery of company’s stolen property and prevent unnecessary company loss.

Hence the use of vehicle tracking system is very much advantageous for conducting business operations smoothly and successfully.