What GPS is, What it Does and How it is Beneficial to You

Friday June 10, 2016


You may be aware of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its usefulness. The evolution of GPS opened a new chapter in tracking people as well as vehicles. Using a Real time GPS tracker, your task of vehicle tracking became much easier than ever.

What is it?

Some of you may still wonder what GPS actually is. It is a global navigation system based on a network of about 24 satellites orbiting around the Earth at all times. When the system gets proper signals, it helps users to identify where they are located.

As you all know, GPS circles twice a day in a very precise orbit and transmits signal information to Earth. This information is taken by GPS receivers and the user’s approximate location can be found out using the triangulation method.

To know the distance with a satellite, GPS receivers compares the time a signal was transmitted by the time it was received. By taking distance measurements from a few more satellites, you can determine the user’s position and display it on the unit’s electronic map.

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What it Does?

GPS works the same way as that of a television. For a television, when signals are proper, you get the picture clearer. Similarly for a GPS, when signals are properly received, you get the right information. GPS helps you obtain the actual location of the user.

With the help of software installed on GPS receivers, you can get information such as nearby businesses, street information etc. It is this software that allows you to plan routes from two chosen points, nearby location and approximates your speed and direction of travel.

How is it Beneficial to You?

Some of the benefits associated with Real Time GPS Tracker:

  • Fuel Economy

With a good GPS device, you will be able to maximize fuel economy. Also, you can save money as well as wear and tear on your vehicle. Accurate driving direction helps to not only save gas money, but also reduce the time spend by taking wrong routes. It is particularly important for delivery and courier services.

  • Travel Directions

You will able to get accurate directions for travel using GPS technology. Also, you get accurate direction and constant monitoring of your current location whether you are traveling locally, countrywide or globally.

  • Recreation

A handheld GPS unit, will be helpful for you while camping or hiking. It is difficult to find a way out when you are camping in the midst of woods. Nowadays you often find news about getting lost while hiking or camping in the woods or deserts. A GPS unit is the perfect solution for this.

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  • Beneficial for Sailors or Fisherman

If you are a sailor or fisherman, Maritime GPS can aid you greatly. It is not a funny matter to get lost at sea or on a large lake. Using GPS technology, as a fisherman you can save hotspots to your GPS device and find them again when necessary. This can be beneficial to recreational as well as professional fishermen.

  • Real time GPS tracking

If you need to keep track of several vehicles, GPS is something that you can rely upon. This is especially useful if you are running delivery service, courier business or rental business.

While tracking vehicles, you can lower the operating expenses associated with your business. In addition to this, tracking your family members including children can assure their safety.

Many businesses, small or medium sized, make use of GPS technology as it is one of the powerful money saving tool. If your business is having a fleet of vehicles, using real time GPS tracker you can reduce idle times, improve routing operation and better customer service.

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