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Whether you are a cab or courier services provider, it can be a huge hassle to manage large fleets of vehicles. There are various aspects such as customer satisfaction, driver management, convenience, safety, etc to take into consideration. It can be very difficult to track individual vehicles among a large fleet. Numerous co-ordination related issues with the drivers and users of the service might arise due to a lack of proper communication as well.

Why Choose Fleet Management Software from VehicleTracking.qa

Our fleet management software in Qatar provides you comprehensive solutions for all of these concerns with user-friendly software. We offer solutions that help you track your assets in real-time. Our key features include:

Real-time tracking: Track each of your vehicles in real-time anywhere from a desktop or mobile. It helps you know vehicle postion and various activities without any delay. This feature is extremely handy especially in case of emergency situations.

Push notifications: From the time a vehicle starts to the time it gets back, there are a series of notifications sent to the transport manager, the customer and other users involved. Timely push notifications helps with convenience as well as safety for both transport managers as well as transportation users.

Mobile apps: Our fleet management software in Qatar comes with the option of various apps. There are apps for the user, the transport manager, the driver tailored to their particular requirements. It helps them stay updated even during busy schedules.

Auto-routing and Route Optimization: One of the biggest headache for fleet/transport managers is routing. Finding the optimal routes can improve fuel efficiency and save time. Moreover, it helps to provide better services to the end customer. Our fleet management Software automatically finds the best routes for you. You can check, adjust and finalize them as per your convenience.

Geo Fencing – One of the issues faced by fleet managers is when their vehicles actually move off limits due to various reasons. If transport managers can recieve timely notifications, they would be able to contact drivers immediately and enquire aout the situation. The Geo-fencing feature of fleet management software in Qatar allows transport managers to recieve notifications when their vehicles move off the assigned routes.

There are a number of other useful features as well to help with vehicle tracking and management. To know in detail, or registering for a free demo either ring us (+974 44 881252 or +974 55 69 3355 or +974 66 252589 or +974 44 88 1262) or alternatively, send a mail to sales@vehicletracking.qa. You would be contacted at the earliest by our executive.

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