Our car tracking system helps fleet managers to track their vehicle fleet by providing them tracking information in real-time, speed limit, route management, and other numerous features.

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Vehicle Tracking Qatar offers real-time GPS tracking solutions for transportation businesses which include such as rental cab operators, tour operators, logistics firms, and many more.

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Our GPS vehicle tracking system solution consists of a tracking device that fits inside your car or truck dashboard and captures the location data other info from different sensors.

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The custom-made fleet management software developed by Vehicle Tracking System Qatar provides you the ability to track and management your vehicle fleet in real time.

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Real time GPS tracker provided by Vehicle Tracking System allows business owners and fleet managers to streamline their fleet operations across all regions in Qatar.

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We provide GPS vehicle tracking devices with advanced features which include over geo-fencing, over-speeding, fuel theft, vehicle theft prevention, route history, and more.

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Our Apps

Vehicle Tracking Manager

Manage your fleet of vehicles from your fingertips using our Vehicle Tracking Manager App. This app has been designed for the convenience of vehicle tracking managers (of cabs,taxis, tour travels, etc)

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Vehicle Tracking Driver App

Enable drivers to perform more efficiently with our Vehicle Tracking Driver App. It has features to assist drivers during trips by providing them valuable direction guidance and other data.

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Tracking Features

There are a handful of features which make our tracking system right from the top drawer. Here are some of them.

Real Time Live Tracking

Any tracking system is only as good as how fast it can pass information. So, what better than having it in real time. Equipped with latest GPS technology, our tracking system provides details in real time.


Do you want to restrict the movement of your vehicle to within a particular area? If yes, the geo-fencing feature with smart alarm systems will be ideal for you.

Route History

Knowing the route history will help you guage a lot of aspects such as efficiency, driving habits and also alternative routes when required, as well.


Contract Based
  • No Hardware(Would be provided by us)
  • 40$ Setup Cost
  • Subscription- 12$ per month per vehicle
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Non-Contract Based
  • Hardware -125$ (one time cost)
  • No Setup Cost
  • Subscription- 10$ per month per vehicle
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Mobile Based Solution
  • No Hardware
  • No Setup Cost
  • Subscription- 10$ per month per vehicle
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Note: These are standard price for maximum 40 Vehicles.If your requirement exceeds 40 vehicles, request for a special discounted Quote.

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