Role of Geofencing in Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Thursday December 14, 2017


What is Geofencing? How it aids your fleet management task?

A geofence is a virtual boundary around a particular geographic area. At times, geofences can be microscopic or gigantic as a country.

Nevertheless, the process of geofencing establishes an imaginary perimeter around your work location and ensure fleet safety.

Let’s check out how Geofencing feature supports the GPS tracking and equipment tracking:

Augmenting Responsiveness When Assets Become Stolen

 When a vehicle or asset becomes stolen, response time can have an enormous role in increasing the chance of recovering the assets or vehicle.

However, by creating geofences and alerts for GPS integrated assets, you can swiftly recover it.

With the alert, you will receive notification once the vehicle leaves the job location or divert from the scheduled or predetermined route.

That is, you will be instantly warned when there is an attempt for a theft through the geofence alerts.

Moreover, while sending the GPS coordinates to the cops instantly, you can lower the risk associated with a particular asset and maintain justice.

Enhance Vehicle Efficiency by Evading Unauthorized Vehicle Utilization

In addition to the theft prevention, the geofence alerts can also be utilized to prevent the unapproved detours, which waste money, assets, and time.

Whenever a vehicle is away from the assigned routes, you will receive the alert and approach driver for its explanation. As a result, the drivers will elude the unauthorized utilization of the vehicle and thus eliminate the hazardous driving habits.

Moreover, for the long distance transportation operations, drivers will require proper leeway for choosing refueling stops and having rest hours throughout the trip.

The geofencing facility  becomes beneficial in such cases.

At times, drivers will proceed a mile or two for refueling the vehicle or having relaxation and hence, it is wise considering such circumstance before setting up the geofence alerts.

Receive Instant Notifications when Assets Reach the Designated Location

Geofencing feature also has the facility to receive notification once the GPS- integrated asset reach the designated location. Hence, you can relish the following attributes of geofencing feature:

  • Track the fleet drivers once they reach the work site
  • Receive confirmation message whenever the cargo reaches the specified location
  • Track the drivers once they leave the work site
  • Mark certain areas as “restricted” or “no entry zone” for a particular asset

By tracking the arrival and departure time of each driver at a work site, you will be able to effectively monitor the drivers and be cognizant of the routine business performance.

Based on the delivery notifications, you can realize whether the shipments are on time or not. Furthermore, by marking “no entry” zones, you will be able to emphasize the safety concern.

Check out this Slideshare presentation on 5 Ways You Can Use GPS for Asset Tracking:

As a consequence, geofencing alerts can be substantiated as a beneficial one for the fleet managers, which require real-time tracking of assets.

Therefore, your fleet business will become successful and profitable, and thus accomplish major business goals.

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