3 Smart Ways to Save Time with Fleet Management Systems

Tuesday May 31, 2016


For successful fleet operation, it is essential to take care of day to day tasks effectively. New ideas and policies usually help to make the fleet competitive and productive. Fleet management software is becoming popular in Qatar and elsewhere.

Here are a few ways by which you can save time by implementing fleet management software in Qatar:

1. Save Time on Communication

Life would be a lot more easier if there is email automation or another easy way to notify staff about fleet maintenance schedules, registrations, warranties to expire or expiring certifications.

It is time consuming to write up an email or make a phone call to make employees aware of various issues regarding fleet management. If there is an option to automatically email the appropriate people, it is possible to free up anywhere from a couple of hours to days by automating communication.

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2. Save Time looking for Vehicle and Equipment Historical Records

Fleet management software will give you access to various kinds of information related to equipment from repair history to equipment depreciation. When fleet size starts increasing, it would be hard to manage without such software. It is time consuming and unproductive to dig through a file or update a massive spreadsheet.

With the help of historical data available in the system, a lot of time can be saved. Information is found easily and at a level better than paper or any other spreadsheet methods without any guesswork.

Here are some benefits of the software:

  • One can quickly compare an annoying vehicle’s history to other similar types. Thus, it is possible to find out whether it is due to driving behavior, faulty parts, absence of preventative measures or some other causes

  • Able to view costs over the course of any period, easily grouped by vehicle department, location, type etc.

  • Easy to group and sort information. Just a few clicks can turn equipment reports into expense summary by department, which is sorted by the expected retire date of the vehicles

3. Configure the Software to Get Things Quicker

If you already have implemented fleet management software, then you will have an idea about how the software works. You are able to add more functionality as per your requirement. A lot of time can be saved if you can adapt the system to work how you do.

A fleet management software is flexible as well as configurable. It can help in the following situations:

  • Avoid extra data entry by hiding or removing certain fields from a screen based on the user or user group

  • Specify an exact report one need for upper management. Software not only helps to build reports, but also run the report whenever needed

  • Able to set up “favourite” reports which helps to quickly access the right report, preventing unnecessary examination through the wide collection of fleet reports

These three ways helps save time with the help of fleet management system. Fleet managers as well as administrators are able to save time and thus make their job easier.