9 Modern Features That Make Cars Much Safer

Tuesday May 22, 2018


As the number of cars on road keeps increasing, road safety becomes crucial.

It is of utmost importance to get cars on road with full fledged security features not just for the safety for the drivers but also for the pedestrians and other vehicles on road.

Earlier, cars used to be a part of the elite class only. But with the advent of time, middle class people are able to afford the luxury of owning a car and it has become an essential part in their lives.

Car companies have been setting the standards high in terms of features and production.

Day by day, the number of four-wheelers is rising. As long as there are huge number of cars on the road, safety is always a concern.

Let’s take a look at the modern features that can make cars much safer.

1. Car Tracking Systems:

  • Car tracking systems are a means to ensure cars are much safer for fleet companies and individuals. Car owners get to know in case of theft, crash and other anomalies.
  • Help can be immediately dispatched in case of emergency situations like accidents and hijacking.
  • As real-time location gets tracked, it would be easier to recover stolen vehicles.

 2. Seat Belts

  • The National Highway Safety Transport Commission initiated the need to have seat-belts in cars, in the US. The boon came in the form of making this process mandatory for every driver in a four wheeler.
  • Forward collision warning in addition to the aforementioned has been an added advantage for the modern day car owners.

3. Warning and Auto-braking

  • Auto braking systems are an amazing addition to the cars out there. The inbuilt system generally uses lasers, cameras for enabling auto braking while before a collision occurs. There are cases wherein the driver is alerted by a steering vibration.
  • The system automatically applies the brakes before it crashes. Many safety companies certify a car as fully safe once this criterion of auto braking is satisfied.

4. Air Bags

  • Air bags were a feature common to premium cars till recent past. But now it is available as a mandatory addition in each and every car as part of the safety enhancement.
  • The airbag system has been designed for rapid inflation and deflation during the time of a collision or impact.
  • The main components of the airbag module system have a fabric bag, an inflation module and impact sensor. The air bag provides travelers with soft cushioning during a crash to reduce the severity of injuries.

5. Lights

  • Lights are not the most sought after feature when it comes to safety enhancement. Even then, it has its pivotal role to play. There are mainly three types of lights
    • Brake Light
    • Turn Signal
    • Headlight
  • It is necessary that you use all these lights for creating a safe environment while travelling.
  • Have a light bulb replaced as soon as it fails.
  • Night time travelling requires powerful light bulbs to be installed.

6. Adaptive Headlights

  • A highly effective technology feature when it comes to lights.
  • The adaptive headlights tend to adapt to the steering wheel input as we drive. The clearer view is provided to the driver for the road ahead.
  • Especially around dark corners, this technology has been highly effective.
  • The driver would be able to see not only the road, but also anyone walking across the road.

7. Blind Spot Warning

  • Blind spot warning systems mainly uses radar or cameras to monitor the blind spot in a car. When a vehicle enters the blind spot, it will be indicated on the car interface system.
  • When the driver does not see the light and tries to alter the lanes he is travelling, the system will provide an audio warning to prevent the vehicle from completing the action.
  • This module is to be used along with proper driving features as it is not to be relied solely on. This can lead to accidents when a system malfunctions.

8. Adaptive Cruise Control

  • The adaptive cruise control system mainly uses information and data pertaining to the journey from the GPS tracking system and cameras that analyses traffic signs to calibrate travelling speeds accordingly.
  • Radar scanners scan the portion in front of the vehicle constantly.
  • When the vehicle you are driving approaches a slower vehicle, the adaptive cruise control system reduces the vehicle power and applies brakes on the spot.
  • The safe distance is always set to time (seconds) rather than in meters. With the help of this, a safe reaction time is always maintained.

9. Voice Control

  • Bluetooth technology is the enabler for voice control based safety. It can be used to control several features including Navigation control, windshield etc.
  • There is no need to press buttons all the time.
  • With your voice, it is all just a breeze. Features such as Android Auto have come to most newly manufactured cars. Integrated with sound based navigation systems, these advanced voice based assistants are very reliable.

With the introduction of new features, car companies are incorporating new safety features into their cars.  Advancements in smartphone enhancements and Bluetooth connectivity also makes it an exciting space to watch out for.